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Piercing Illusions – Gateways to Discovery

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A follow-up to Pathways to Mastership, this program helps you further internalize these teachings and helps you accelerate your progress towards experiencing higher levels of consciousness.

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You may read many books, talk with teachers, and listen to moving lectures, yet until you realize the higher truths in your consciousness, they cannot blossom into the full beauty of an enlightened life.

This program was created to follow the landmark program, Pathways To Mastership. Through more than 17 hours of enlightening discussions and more than 30 guided meditations, you will internalize the knowledge presented in this transformational program through all levels of your consciousness.

Program Contents:

You will learn more about:

• How to deal with frustrations on your quest
• Clearing negative attachments
• How to dissolve the destructive power of negative ego
• Universal laws to evolve your consciousness
• Why you have come to Earth
• How you can transmute karma and further your growth
• The four traps and obstacles to enlightenment
• The levels of meditation
• Secrets to a successful philosophy of life
• The science of sounds and mantras
• How to set a strong consciousness for financial success
• Meditations to probe mysteries of space and time
• Project to your past and future
• Experience transformational love consciousness
• Purification initiations to dissolve blocks
• How to tap Universal Wisdom and energies
• Explorations in space and time and the Akasha
• How to dissolve separation
• Meditations to raise your frequency
• How to transmute karma
• How to control dreams and open to higher teachings
• Past life regression problems and warnings
• Dangers and secrets of the astral plane and astral travel
• How to project to and explore other dimensions
• Discover what lies beyond the doors of death
• How talismans and magical stones work
• The quandary of good and evil
• Illusions of love
• Soul mate and twin soul relationships
• Causes of accidents and how to remove the causes
• Reincarnation choices and escape the cycles
• Piercing all illusions you live in

This fascinating program is designed to take you masterfully step-by-step along the pathways to greater clearing and spiritual realizations.

Through accelerated transpersonal teachings, and more than 30 guided meditations, you will discover a depth of wisdom and insights that will transform you and take you into new dimensions of enlightenment.

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