Have you ever wondered where all the nonsense in your mind comes from? This inner talk seems to automatically jump from one subject to another. If you’re like most people, at least some of those thoughts are complaining, blaming, and criticizing. You may mumble to yourself about someone else or “beat yourself up” for things not going the way you wish they would. Read on and I’ll explain what and how this works, and how you can fix it.

Your inner talk or self-talk are thoughts made up of your inner beliefs and desires. Sometimes the thoughts help you sort things out, but much of the time they are a combination of frustrations and worries. Some of your self talk, no doubt, is your analytical mind trying to arrive at the best decisions, other times it is inexplicably besieged with emotions. What is the source of these feelings and thoughts?

The Real Source of Inner Talk

Our minds are like a warehouse of ideas and reactions that we have been collecting all our lives. We usually don’t have conscious memories of where all our ideas have come from, but most of what we have seen and experienced is locked away in our subconscious, and then when an experience triggers us, the feelings or thoughts pop up.

Your subconscious is like an amazing recording device that has been recording input your whole life. Often, without your being aware of it, it has also been formulating conclusions and storing them away for future use. These are your beliefs, and you have thousands of them, but some of them are what are called “core beliefs.” Your core beliefs are the ones the other beliefs are rooted in.

For instance, you may have a core belief that you don’t deserve good things. This belief then generates all sorts of self talk that become a litany of scripts describing your life such as:

  • “I have bad luck.”
  • “I always screw things up.”
  • “There’s something wrong with me.”
  • “People take advantage of me.”
  • “What problem can I expect next?”
  • “That was a dumb thing to do.”
  • “I’ll never find love.”

Once Upon a Time…A Long, Long Time Ago…

Quite often a negative belief can result from a single incident that happened when you were a child. You may or may not remember the specific incident, but when you observed something difficult or experienced it yourself it made a lasting impression which led to certain conclusions. You do this with every success or failure and those conclusions become beliefs that can affect you for your entire life. In fact, your life becomes a testimony to the self talk being true, because you seek out experiences that validate your beliefs.

Adolf Hitler said in Mein Kempf, “If you tell a lie long enough, loud enough, and often enough, the people will believe it.” So it doesn’t matter if the statement is objectively true or false. If your inner talk states it, and your mind believes it, then it is true for you, and it becomes a program orchestrating your life.

You may not express your self talk out loud but it can often be muttered under your breath. So, when you are confronted with a frustration, out comes the commentary from your memory banks and your pre-scripted self talk activates.

I have a lot more help for you in my free article on Your Subconscious & How to Get it Working for You.

Why You Seem to Be Stuck!

Every time you repeat these inner thoughts you reinforce the belief in them, rather than refuting them or even questioning them. You might think, “Well, of course, I got in trouble. I’m always getting in trouble.” It wouldn’t occur to you to say, “Wait a minute. Thinking these kind of thoughts isn’t doing me any good. I’m not going to do that again.” Even if you did think that, it isn’t likely you’d stop saying it because your inner talk runs like a program in a computer, and unless you do something very deliberate to change it, it will keep on repeating what it always has.

The programs running in your subconscious computer are your beliefs and what underlie all your opinions, judgments, and ultimately how you feel. You formulate your self-image and outlook on life based on your beliefs which seem intractable. You get comfortable with your beliefs so when they are challenged it can seem to undermine your world-view or life-philosophy, and therefore it is resisted. Everyone is more comfortable with a status quo, and yet the truth of the matter is that we modify and sometimes radically change our beliefs as we go through life. 

So How Do You See Yourself Right Now?

Everyone has a description of him or herself composed of all of the roles, talents, qualities, skills, personality traits, looks, opinions, beliefs, and points of view. This description makes up your self-image and it is composed of far more than what you consciously think about yourself. The strongest components of the self-image are what are embedded in the subconscious mind. And because it is housed in the subconscious, change is more complicated than just making a conscious decision. Everyone would like to be healthy, wealthy, wise, smart, talented, skillful, loved, and many other wonderful things, but wishing, wanting, daydreaming, or even trying are often insufficient unless the subconscious mind and its programming is aligned with the desires. For change to be lasting it must be done in the subconscious mind.

How to Take Charge of Your Own Inner Talk!

One way to reach the subconscious mind is through repetition. That is the way most of what is housed in the subconscious mind got there in the first place. A useful form of repetition comes through taking active control of your self talk. Positive affirmations are one way to do that, and it can be done incorporating at least three different approaches. One way is to repeat positive statements to yourself throughout the day. Another way is by listening to audible positive statements through recordings, and the third way is using subliminal programming.

I have created well over 100 titles utilizing audible + subliminal or all subliminal programs. I call the audible + subliminal format, “Mind Talk” because they are all designed to orient your own mind talk or self talk. The affirmations in these programs help to conform your inner beliefs and programming with your highest dreams and desires. You will hear dozens of ultra-positive audible messages while your subconscious stores the same subliminal affirmations. This combination can help produce a dramatic positive changes within your subconscious mind.

For more on subliminal programs and how they work see my article on Subliminal Perception.

Getting your self talk positive does require desire and commitment. Over the many years that I have been helping people with their self-improvement I have found that many people start out enthusiastically for the first few weeks, but they often loose their enthusiasm and stop applying themselves. That’s why making a commitment to using the Mind Talk programs every day for months is essential. The recordings make staying on a self-development program much easier than trying to do it all on your own.

When possible, it is very helpful to also repeat the positive affirmations out loud as well as in your mind. You subconscious is most receptive in the morning when you wake up and just before you go to be at night, but these sessions can be done at any time during the day.  One really good way to create your own positive affirmations is to do the following two simple steps:

1. Listen to what your own inner voices are saying. Write down some of the statements that tend to repeat. For example, “I’m not smart enough or talented enough.”

2. Create a statement that is the positive opposite such as, “I am smart and talented.”
You can also create variations such as, “I am becoming more talented every day.” “My mind is becoming more clear and insightful every day.”

Then repeat that statement numerous times throughout the day and soon you will “own it.” It will not only become your own inner talk, but it will also become your belief and a component of your self-image.

The audio Mind Talk recordings are great because they do most of the work for you—so you don’t have to. Remember you’re recreating your body and your life—let it be fun, enjoy it!

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