This article contains a self-guided creative visualization with positive affirmations. Because it is short, quick, and easy, you will be able to do this throughout your day. Perhaps you may have some spare time at lunch, or a break from routine, where you can be alone and spend a few minutes in relaxation. Since it is easy to do, it won’t take much of your time or interfere with your normal activities. You should be able to find various opportunities where you can use this process and reinforce positive outlooks.

This session will focus on stimulating and fulfilling your creative ideas. You will be led through a creative visualization in which you will visualize putting your creative ideas into action. The creative visualization will also help you receive new creative insights.

Before we begin bring to mind any creative or innovative ideas and plans you have. You will be visualizing their successful fulfillment in the session

Locate yourself where you will not be disturbed for the next 10 min. I suggest you relax in a comfortable chair and loosen any tight clothing such as ties, collars, shoes, or belts.

Begin by taking a deep breath slowly in through your nose and holding it for an instant. Then gently release the breath out through your mouth and feel yourself relaxing.

Relax your face by separating your teeth slightly. Notice your face and body relax even more.

Let go of every care or worry and tune into your inner calm state.

Be aware that your mind definitely has the power and capability to generate many new insights to enrich your life.

Imagine you are in a spacious theater sitting in an extremely comfortable chair. Lean back in the chair feel yourself relaxing.

All cares and concerns of the day are left far behind as you let go and allow yourself to relax.

In a moment, you’re going to see your creative ideas and thoughts unfolding in your life. You are going to visualize yourself taking part in the fulfillment of your ideas. You will use your creative visualization ability to imagine this on a large screen in front of you.

Although you will be watching pictures of yourself in your minds eye successfully acting on your creative ideas, realize you are also watching the future unfolding before you.

Be aware that inspiring thoughts and ideas come into your mind all through the day. When you wake in the morning, fresh ideas come to your mind. As your creative potential is released the quality of your life rises to new levels. All of these suggestions are accepted and absorbed by your mind at every level of your being.

Any time through the day when you say the words “creative flow,” ideas for what you want in life rise effortlessly to the surface, because your mind is now open to the creative flow of ideas.

Now repeat the following positive affirmations:

  • My mind automatically releases many ideas like a flowing river.
  • Creative ideas rise to the surface of my thinking easily and naturally.
  • I am a naturally very creative person.
  • All through the day creative ideas pop into my mind.

Relax and let the ideas form on the screen of your mind. Utilizing your creative visualization see yourself in the picture, involved with the events, people, and circumstances for the creative idea you would like to see unfold. Enjoy what you are doing.

Notice how you feel as you successfully allow your ideas to unfold and be realized.
Allow yourself to feel happy and enthusiastic.
It feels wonderful and good to see your ideas fulfilled.
Your life is made much happier and you feel satisfied.

Ask yourself if there are any additional creative insights that would apply to your situation.

If there are, they come to your mind as you continue with the creative visualization utilizing your creative imagination.

Additional creative ideas may appear in your imagination as feelings, or words, or visual images.

When you are ready to end the session say to yourself, “I am fully present, here and now.”

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