The word karma is derived from the Sanskrit KRI, “To Do.”  The word also means the effects of actions, and it sometimes also means the effects of our past actions which were the causes.  Another way of looking at karma is that karma is energy in motion.  All of our thoughts, feelings and actions create and set in motion energy patterns which create effects.  The form and direction continues until another force changes the motion or the energy dissipates and merges back into the calmness of existence.  That is karma in a nutshell.

Now, lets go a little further with it.  As we live our thoughts, feelings and actions make their impressions on what is called the akasha.  These impressions record our likes and dislikes, attractions and aversions, pleasure and suffering, and things hidden and expressed. Each and every word, our conscious and unconscious thoughts and beliefs, and even those in our sleep and dreams—in fact, every moment of every day is recorded in the akashic record. 

Impressions are made from what you did, choices you made, what you disliked,  how you suffered,  what you enjoyed, what you hid and what you exposed, what you denied and what you took credit for, every feeling you had, and every judgment you made.

You can see that this can work to bring you favorable and enjoyable experiences, or things which you would rather not have to deal with.  Everything in our life is derived from energies we have set in motion in the past and therefore everything is karmic.

As long as ego exists, karma will exist. If there were no physical forms, no vibrations, no movement, there would only be a quiet, calm, and waveless ocean of consciousness, but in that calm awareness desires and intentions arise.  The act of desire and will produces a motion that creates a wave that then divides into many waves, projecting what appear to be causes and effects. Reality is the movement or force of creation and the will behind the force.  That’s what creates and sustains the duality we experience.

Purification of the body, mind and spirit along with surrender and nonattachment can lead to the goal of freedom, awakening and enlightenment in one lifetime.  The primary forces driving negative karma are fear, anger & guilt.

Unless we are proactive in surrendering and releasing karma it will continue its cause and effect impact on our life until it either naturally wears itself out or is balanced through suffering. 

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