Somehow we naturally believe the past is somehow true in the present. For instance it seems logical that if money were lost in an investment in the past, or a stupid mistake caused us to loose money in the past, therefore we are stupid and unlucky now. There is an inner belief that we are vulnerable to doing something in the present or future that will replicate the losses of the past. And yet the past is nothing more than a memory…it has no real existence other than what we project on it. So we must find a way to stop living through the past as a determiner of our present or future.

Say to yourself, “I am willing to surrender and release the need for my past.”

This doesn’t just mean your past when you were a child, or in a bad relationship or with a bad investment 10 years ago, but all of the past of what you thought you were even just 5 seconds ago, and even an instant ago, and of course, years ago and lifetimes ago. The past is only a memory, not a reality, so be willing to let go of the past so you can be a complete recreation in the present moment.

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