Many people are living just “waiting for the next shoe to drop.”  They have an anticipation of “what now!”  This is a negative expectancy and fear of the future built on the observation, fear and belief that our lives go from one struggle to another. 

Think about how your day is just one story connected to another story… (p) This is a human condition. 
The mass consciousness reflects how the majority have bought into a never ending struggle of what they think of when they think of their life and what they call their life. 

And what is amazing is that even those who seem to be above and beyond this perception are influenced by it in some areas of their life.  Those who have a lot of money may not have some of the problems others with less have, but the same mass consciousness gets to them in other ways where they feel lack, such as affecting their health, having difficulties with relationships, feeling unfulfilled and not happy, and living with stress.

When you are in touch with the inner presence of love and light that is guiding your life, you are not in resistance to what the universe is bringing to you… when you release the resistance, the only thing the universe can bring you is more goodness, love and light.  That may seem like a bold statement, but not when you realize that the only reason you wouldn’t have all goodness, love and light is because you are in resistance to it…

Reconnecting with your deepest inner truth then is most important to determining your experience of life… and this must be more than an idea or even a belief…it must become your realization, your consciousness, and your awakening to your deepest inner truth…

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