Make all of your normal preparations for meditation by selecting a comfortable setting and eliminating any disturbances. Now settle yourself comfortably in a position for meditation. Take a moment to arrange yourself so that each and every part of your body is loose, free, and comfortable.

Adjust yourself so you don’t feel any pressure or binding anywhere, and give yourself permission to become relaxed. Settle back with a deep breath, and as you exhale, just relax. Imagine you’re floating safely on a cloud as if you don’t have a care in the world.

Slowly take another deep breath in through your nose. Hold it for a moment, and when you feel comfortable, release it slowly and gently out through your mouth. Feel yourself relaxing more and more deeply.

Now repeat these words to yourself:

  • I now surrender and release all need for suffering and struggling.
  • I now surrender and release all need for fear and guilt.
  • I now surrender and release the need for thinking I’m undeserving.
  • I now surrender and release the need for feeling burdened by my past.
  • I choose to surrender and release this all now.
  • I receive the lightness and freedom of my soul.

Repeat these words several times, and make them heartfelt. As you do, you’ll notice that you feel lighter and freer.

In fact, you may feel as if you’ve been released from prison, and you hadn’t even realized how much weight and burden you’d been carrying around. You may just have known that something was wrong and that life was a struggle.

Now it’s time to move out of the darkness of separation and into the light. It’s time to let go of the ego’s sense of separation and living in an ego-centered void. By simply stopping what you’re doing long enough to invite the light of the soul back in, you’ll begin to feel the emptiness and suffering melt.

The soul’s inherent nature is completion. The soul is complete, and any incompleteness you’ve felt is just an illusion. As long as you’re groping in the dark, you’ll keep bumping into things. By moving into the time before you turned away from the divine light and into the illusion of separation, you can re-create your history and neutralize the karmic trail of all your lifetimes.

It’s time to surrender even the minutest part of you that has any curiosity or longing for what separation offers. If even a minuscule part of you desires separation, you’ll be pulled into it. But once you’ve gone into separation and then fully come out of it, you know both sides of existence, and you can choose and commit always to live in the light, love, and oneness, and never go into separation again. This is an initiation of bringing the full awareness of the light, the soul, and God or Source into human experience, and erasing the experience of the void, but not the memory of it.

Let yourself take the necessary time for the transition from an ego-based life to a soul-integrated life. Look at the choices you made and the process that pulled you to make your choices. And let it all go. Surrender all aspects that want to attach through wants and desires. Be aware of the energy of the unlived life and the part of you that wants just one more taste, just a little more power and control.

Now it’s time for release. Moving fully into the light of the soul takes complete letting go. Trying, struggling, and straining are functions of the ego. But when you enter a state of willingness and openness to having your consciousness shift to embrace the light and unity, it will happen spontaneously.

Face the darkness with the truth of you, and notice the light dissolve the darkness. The light of the soul is bright, strong, and comforting. It’s all-knowing. Invite more of it in, and let it melt all resistance. Notice as you do this that the light feels so much like home. It brings total comfort, safety, and support. Once you reach this point, you don’t have to do anything to make the shift happen except be present and receptive. Divine intelligence takes over when you surrender.

Once you have formulated your intentions, be open and receptive. Allow yourself to receive with no resistance.

Repeat these words to yourself:

  • I am willing to surrender and release all attachment, desire, and struggle.
  • I invite the light of the soul to fill me.
  • I am fully in the peace and comfort of the light.
  • I am willing to surrender and release the need for pain and suffering.
  • I surrender and release all aspects of ego and separation.
  • I surrender all needs of the ego.
  • I surrender myself to this process.
  • I give my full permission for this process to take place now.

The heart center is the doorway to your divine nature, and the solar plexus region is a gateway to the ego because it’s where you hold attachments and the need to control your life. If you feel a tightening in the abdomen, it may be because of fear-based resistance to letting go. Just stay with the process, and keep repeating your intentions.

You may be surprised to know that each of your ego’s subpersonalities has a voice that you can talk to. It’s sometimes helpful to address the voices so you can understand them, which allows you to release them. The voices reflect the perceptions of the ego-identities and speak with all the authority of the ego.

Ask your subpersonalities to tell you what they believe and what they want. Ask them why they are there and whether they would like to be healed. Talk with them much the way you would with a person you want to get to know and understand. Don’t expect everything they say to make sense; often it won’t, but it will give you insights into the views the ego holds and why it’s holding them, including insight into the ego’s core fears.

As you surrender your fear, allow the subpersonality to melt from your awareness, since it isn’t real. Feel into the depth of the subpersonality. Be aware of it. Feel it. Just observe and allow the sensations to float to the surface and dissolve into the light. You might even notice that, as more of the ego dissolves, the voice and objections of the subpersonalities become more fragmented and make even less sense. Just let it happen.

Now say the following words:

  • I am willing to surrender and release all resistance.
  • I surrender and release everything that’s not the pure light of my soul.
  • I surrender and release everything that’s of the ego. I surrender and release the need for the ego’s fears.
  • I call upon the hierarchy of all the angels, and I ask for their help.
  • I give the angels of healing permission to clear, heal, and support me.

Let yourself feel the extra help. Feel supported in allowing the clearing and healing to happen. Sense and allow the angels to support and help you.

Keep surrendering into the process. The light of spirit goes wherever you are. It’s always with you. You might have intellectually known this in the past, but you may not have fully realized it. Now you can move into the realization of this truth.

Allow the deep grip of the pain and struggles to release as the whole premise of separation dissolves. Allow yourself to move into any feelings of being hopeless, cutoff, and abandoned, and bring the light and soul presence with you.

Let the sensations and realizations of the light, which is the Source energy, God energy, all intelligence, and all love, move into all the places where you were grasping and attaching. Invite it in to surround you, and feel its embrace.

The light was always there all the time, but you may have lived as though it weren’t there and didn’t exist. You don’t have to try to make the light do anything. Just invite it in; it knows precisely where to go, what to do, and how to do it. It’s like the sun shining inside you; that sun is your soul. This is who you truly are.

Give the light permission to integrate into all areas of your life. You want this light to flow into your work, into your relationships, and into everything that you say, think, and do. This process puts you into a state of mindfulness all the time, and dissolves anything that keeps you from being mindful, so it’s effortless and automatic. This is your truth. Acknowledge and know that once this process starts, it will continue until it arrives at completion. Express gratitude for what you’ve received.

Now bring yourself back to your normal waking consciousness, feeling the new freedom you’ve gained. Keep inviting the process to continue, and surrender to the process a little more each day.

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