Have you ever had one of those days where your energy feels flat, you feel depleted and you just aren’t operating at 100%?

I recently had this kind of day.

You know the kind, everything feels like its in slow motion and you just feel DRAINED. You realize it’s only 10am but you are counting down the hours until you can power down, get some sleep, and feel restored again.

Total energy depletion doesn’t happen to me often, but when it does I’ve found a very helpful breath/visualization technique to circulate my energy and find my equilibrium.

The breath technique I share below is quick, easy, and effective; but the best part is you will notice an immediate change in your energy level.

Instead of feeling depleted and exhausted, you will feel refreshed and peaceful!

There are 3 variations of this breath technique to move energy through the body and give you more energy, clear stagnant energies, and bathe you with refreshing prana energy that comes in with the breath.

You can do this with me as I describe it to you.

Sit up with your palms facing up on your lap.

To get the energy moving in a circular manner imagine the inhalation breath coming in with Golden light as you slowly count to 5 and bring in light through your left hand, going up your arm to the top of the shoulders and the base of your neck, and then as you breathe out to the count of 5 the energy goes down your right arm and out your right hand and fingers.

Use soft Golden light and hold the intention to gather stress and tension energy, or anything else you would like to release, and send it out with the exhalation.

Inhale again bringing in gold light through the left hand and up the arm to the count of 5. Bring it across the shoulders and down the right arm and release it out through the right hand and fingers to the count of 5.

Most people carry a weight of responsibility on their shoulders as well as tension in their neck, and this method helps release that energy.

Now try and reverse the direction.

Inhale again bringing in Golden light, this time in through the right hand up the right arm, across the shoulders gathering any tightness or heaviness to the count of 5, and release it down the left arm and out through the left hand and fingers.

I suggest that when you do this on your own, you do it five times and then reverse direction.

Now, switch your attention to your left foot and leg and inhale Earth energy up the left leg to the base of the spine to the count of 5, and then exhale down your right leg and out your right foot to the count of 5.

You will find this will help ground you as well as clear the leg channels. Stagnant energy tends to collect around the legs. When a person feels stuck there is often a lot of this type of energy that has accumulated around the legs.

When you do this practice on your own I suggest you do this five times in one direction and then reverse direction.

There are many different techniques to raise your energy, but I find this one highly effective and I hope you will, too.

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