Are you feeling stuck?

Just about everyone I’ve ever talked to said that they are feeling stuck in some way and they often feel trapped, or they admit to having felt this way in the past. So I think there is a good chance that you may feel similarly.

You’ve probably also sensed there is something not right with the way your life has been working. Maybe you feel like a different color sheep from the herd, as if you are a stranger in a strange land. Maybe you’re feeling stuck or trapped right now.

Feeling stuck can lead to frustration, futility, and discouragement and cause you to falsely conclude there is something wrong with you, you are not enough, or not as evolved as you wish you were.

What would it take to no longer be feeling stuck? Where does feeling stuck come from and why is it that just about everyone experiences it? To answer those questions you must go to the root of where all feelings come from. Do you know?

What is the Invisible Force
Making You Feeling Stuck?

Did you know that at the core of every emotion there are underlying beliefs that trigger them? The key word in that sentence is “underlying” because being triggered with an emotion is not dependent on what you consciously believe.

Does that surprise you?

Are you aware that you have subconscious beliefs that may be the opposite of what you consciously believe? You likely don’t even know what these subconscious beliefs are even though you are affected by them everyday.

Now, you undoubtedly know some of the symptoms resulting from your subconscious beliefs while not knowing what those beliefs are. You probably are aware of how you sometimes react emotionally and don’t understand how or why. Emotions often seem to trigger you out of proportion to what is happening and you can feel like a puppet on a string being manipulated by an invisible force. You can feel like you keep hitting an invisible wall or glass ceiling keeping you from atttaining your goals and what you want in your life.

What are the unconscious forces causing this? Essentially everything you create and attract is determined by your deeply held (unconscious) beliefs.

Why Didn’t They Teach You This in School?

You would think that something as fundamentally important as this topic would be standard curriculum in our educational systems, yet it isn’t and most people know little or nothing about it.

Here you are trapped on this planet, feeling stuck, and wondering how you got here and why your life has turned out the way it has, rarely thinking about the causes or where they came from, or what you can do about them.

So how did you get here?

Your life circumstances are the result of beliefs and programs you set in motion in your childhood or even in other lifetimes. That’s the big reason why you don’t consciously remember them or know what they are. It is also a major reason why discovering them and clearing or changing them is such a challenge.

You, me, and everyone else has a collection of many beliefs derived from what we have experienced or observed, and the conclusions extracted from those experiences and observations. Conclusions are grouped together with other conclusions and they then coalesce into subconscious beliefs.

You are defined by your beliefs because you identify with them and think they are you, and yet something inside of you says, “that can’t be true.”

Beliefs are not Necessarily Facts

Your beliefs are actually interpretations, perceptions, and opinions based on the conclusions you reached in the past. Of course, as new or additional information comes to you, your conclusions and resulting beliefs may be modified, discarded, or replaced.

Your many beliefs are stored in your unconscious warehouse I refer to as your “belief universe.” In Eastern philosophy they call it your causal body because the underlying causes affecting you are stored there.

Did you know you have a causal body? Do you know what it is? Your causal body holds all the patterns you have believed and all of your reactions that created either positive or negative karma that in turn work like programs you bring with you from other lifetimes. Your beliefs are actually programs running your life, but it isn’t your conscious beliefs doing that. Here is an example:

I knew a man who was a sales representative for a major company who worked hard and did pretty well in his assigned region so his company decided to transfer him to an area with more potential. Surprisingly, after working there for a year he did no better than in his previous location.

He came to me for counseling to try to figure out why he seemed to be hitting a glass ceiling and what we uncovered was that the amount he was making was the same that his father did. That amount became set in his subconscious mind as a limit to what he could make. Once we figured that out and removed that limitation in his subconscious mind he went on to become far more successful.

I found that this particular belief program is so common that to counteract this limiting belief I put an affirmation in many of my audio programs that it is good to be more successful than mom and dad. That statement not only was a relief to many people, but it also helped them move on from that artificial barrier.

Is it any wonder that you are feeling stuck?

What you didn’t fully realize when you were a child is just how strong the survival needs are, and how the system you grew up in did not adequately support you in breaking through the barriers created by limiting beliefs.

So your life became a lot about coping with threats to you socially, in relationships, and with your career. Your life became about survival and satisfying your wants, needs, and subconscious drives, and soon you forgot who you are, what you are, why you were born, and what your purpose is, and you became goal directed to satisfy your needs and subconscious programs. It’s no wonder you are feeling stuck!

The distractions in life became so strong you invested yourself in acquiring what you felt was missing, trying to compensate for the perceived limitations imposed on you by the way you were treated growing up.

Uh Oh, Here Comes the Ego!

All the forces at work on you resulted in creating your personality which is controlled by an ego that is a fear-based survival mechanism trying its very best to keep you safe and secure.

Over lifetimes the ego became stronger and to feel more safety it drove you to seek more control in your life and acquire more things in a vain attempt to break through your feeling stuck, insecure, inherently empty, futile, and missing out on real sustained happiness.

Each lifetime left you with feelings of being frustrated, unresolved, and incomplete. So you were unconsciously pulled back into the next life to try to fix everything and to clean up unfinished karma you set in motion in your previous lives. And on and on your story goes…

What are you Going to do About
Your Life Going Forward?

You no doubt already feel that life on Earth is shifting in large ways around you and you are looking for ways to deal with the changes.

You are certainly have opportunities to break free from feeling stuck so you can transition to a soul-centered life and live fulfilled at last.

The answers to the important life question that were never addressed, and certainly not answered, in your schools are available today in ways like they have never been. We are living in a special time in human history. Your ancestors would have done anything to have what is available to you today.

Despite having so much available today your evolution is painfully slow unless you take active participation to clear off the distortions and limiting beliefs that have entrapped you.

If you are wondering where to start, start here: Soul Resources
You’ll find free videos, radio interviews, articles, and more.

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