How to Ascend this Lifetime

Have you ever thought about how you have waited many lifetimes spiritually seeking enlightenment and how to ascend? Of all the lifetimes you’ve lived, the one you are living right now is the best chance you’ve ever had for spiritual enlightenment and ascension, but you need to consider why that is.

In past ages finding esoteric secrets and enlightenment teachings was very difficult to find. In most countries, it was unavailable and travel to places where the knowledge was available was next to impossible. There were a few mystery schools in Greece and Egypt as well as ashrams in India and Tibet but they limited access to the inner teachings and often gave intentionally misleading teachings to the general public. Gaining entrance to these spiritual schools was very limited and once accepted it took decades before many of the teachings were revealed. Some of the deepest and most important teachings on how to ascend were kept hidden from the students and only shared among the elite.

Today everyone has access to spiritual schools, teachers, books, audio and video programs, and internet sources making the entire spiritual journey within reach. The challenge is sifting through all the information and approaches to distill down the essence of what is effective on how to ascend as well as giving you access to the highest levels of consciousness you are seeking.

In my case, spiritual pursuits have been a lifelong dedicated commitment. For decades I spent hours every day in meditation and various spiritual practices often trying every technique I could find and discarding the ones that didn’t produce results, and there were plenty of those. Lots of people continue spending years doing their religious practices that produce little or no progress. Maybe they don’t know what else to do, or are confused or overwhelmed with the many methods available.

Transform Your Life Flow Chart

I’ve done a lot of the searching for you and distilled down the important revelations that truly accelerate how to ascend. My programs and writings cut through the mysteries and confusion and give you practical “how to” tools usually missing from many other sources. As you undoubtedly already know I have recorded a great deal of training and guided practices in many dozens of audio programs.

To help you design a program for yourself I have created a flow chart of all of my spiritual programs so you can see a plan of study as well as how the programs relate to each other. Each title in the chart is hyperlinked to the product page so you can just click on the program and you’ll be taken to the full description. Here is the link Transform Your Life.

What Can You Discover on How to Ascend

I have always equated the term spiritual awakening and ascension with enlightenment.
When we talk about ascension or enlightenment we need to think of it as an ongoing process of shedding lower levels of belief and reactions, to higher, more peaceful, and loving consciousness levels.

Along your spiritual journey you will have peaks and valleys as the old ways rise to be addressed and released. Your ego-personality will always let you know one way or another what is causing it pain. Your job is to pay attention to the signals you are receiving usually in the form of a negative emotion or reaction. Sometimes your journey brings with it challenges and dark periods (sometimes referred to as the “Dark Night of the Soul). These events are your ego crying out for healing.

Your Ascension Has 5 Phases

1. Discovering How to Ascend as Your Spiritual Awakening Begins. Usually something happens in your life that causes you to look into the source and validity of your spiritual beliefs. You may have an open mind and curiously begin researching the basis of your beliefs and you discover there is more to enlightenment and how to ascend your consciousness than you previously knew.

Awakening is a natural process that occurs when you start to realize there is something missing in your spiritual knowledge and experience. Your mind begins to open to other possibilities than what you were aware of previously and you find it interesting enough to search for more.

This is the searching phase and the beginning of discovering realities beyond your physical senses and the information that you have been taught through religion and educational systems. All sorts of questions arise in your mind and you seek answers through books, teachers, or organizations. The more you search, the more questions arise and all the new discoveries fuel your motivation to go deeper and find more truths.

2. Flash Realizations and Mystical Experiences. This second phase includes meditation and other altered states. You read about the phenomenal experiences some people have with out of body experiences, remote viewing, and clairvoyance, and you may seek out training and practices to open you psychically, or at least to understand non-physical realities. You are reaching beyond the limits of the physical realm.

Your practices would include some forms of meditation and a variety of other techniques that lead you to deeper self-discoveries. As a result, you find your higher sense perceptions and epiphanies awaken you to new realities. Your beliefs and reactions to the world around you become more understanding, peaceful, and acceptant.

After you accumulate a foundation of spiritual knowledge and understanding you settle into some practices that bring you inspiration and a sense of evolving your consciousness to a higher level than just gathering more information.

You are likely to have found a path that answers many of your questions for the time being, and you find your life becoming more peaceful and happy. You become more aware of the limiting beliefs that trapped you previously and you apply practices and tools that move you along your path of spiritual evolution. This phase creates further motivations to keep you searching and discovering more truths.

3. The Soul Emerges More Fully. The third major phase of spiritual awakening is when you open to deeper realizations of the nature of who and what you are. You find you have different interests which cause you to seek out new organizations and people to contribute to your spiritual discoveries.

The big realization in this phase is that your evolution is tied to the degree you are letting go of your past beliefs and the causes of the pain and struggle that has caused you to suffer for lifetimes. You become aware of the fear-based ego aspects of your personality and you apply methods of deconstructing it. You learn about the complex nature of the ego, which dominates your personality, and you invest your time in practices that systematically dissolve the programs that cause negative karma, pain, and suffering.

This is the time when you explore healing and clearing modalities and may want to share what you are discovering with those close to you, and perhaps take it further to teach others what you are learning. You realize that your many misperceptions and misguided beliefs are what trapped you in limitations, and you dedicate yourself to challenging your deepest motivations which are not producing the positive outcomes you are seeking.

In this phase you disengage from the negative aspects of the ego which previously controlled your thinking and emotional reactions. In place of the ego your soul rises more to the surface of your everyday experiences brings the refined characteristics of higher levels of love, fulfillment, and happiness.

Your life flows with more synchronicity and you have greater peace. You are likely to also recognize you have a higher purpose than just physical pursuits. You feel guided into new connections with people and groups.

4. Phase Four on How to Ascend brings deeper realizations of oneness, love, and beauty. As you let go and clear away the lower energies of the ego which includes the suffering from fear, anger, abandonment, anxiety, arrogance, hopelessness, guilt, etc. you find the deeper nature of your soul emerging and taking over more of your personality and everyday experiences.

In this phase you integrate a deeper realization of the nature of reality and your connection with it. You experience oneness, beauty, radiant love, and feeling inspired. You may have some psychic experiences or even discover you have intuition and psychic abilities you weren’t aware of previously.

Virtuous qualities become a natural part of who you are without you having to try or work at it. You become kinder, more patient, and have more compassion. You also find yourself automatically being more present in the now without the need to try being in the present moment.

As time goes by you find yourself experiencing elevated levels of consciousness and well-being which persist longer throughout your days.

5. Phase Five on How to Ascend: Finally, Your Enlightenment Shift. When higher levels of enlightenment are attained by releasing and clearing the ego blocks, pain, and illusions, the mind becomes perpetually quiet and your peace deepens. You have a sustained awareness of all manifestations being mental projections of illusions on the field of awareness.

The negative ego continually diminishes and eventually disappears although your individuality sustains your everyday experiences.

Your Ascension is the evolution of your consciousness to higher realizations. The clearer you become the more love and light you naturally radiate.

How to Facilitate the Transformations of How to Ascend

We are now entering the Aquarian age which is a time of accelerating evolutionary changes that can more rapidly move you through the five phases more quickly than in any previous time in history. What previously took many lifetimes to attain are now happening in years or even months.

As the Earth moves through the natural cycles on its journey around the galaxy it moves through energies with different characteristics. We are now in the cycle of accelerated spiritual evolution in which much of our old ways of thinking and living are being replaced with higher orders of love and acceptance. This is characteristic of the Age of Aquarius.

Of course, it is still necessary to do your spiritual practices of letting go of the old in order to embrace the new, but it is easier now than it has been in 25,000 years. While it is not possible to predict how long your enlightenment and ascension process will take, it is closer now than ever. I’ve seen the most dedicated people make their shift into enlightenment in a few years.

Your practices should include continual surrender of every negative thought and reaction, as you bring in the fullness of your soul’s love and light into every experience. If you follow that surrender path you’ll be ready for whatever shifts are coming, and you won’t be afraid or destabilized by events taking place in the world.

My most effective program to support you on your ascension journey is called the Soul Discovery Series that is composed of training, meditations, and practices I have used in my personal spiritual journey so I know how effective they are. This program contains more advanced teachings than in my Soul Solution book, and the regular price of this program was $164 and I now reduced it to only $97. Plus, you will also receive a FREE 23-page Report, The Soul Solution Method which is A Step-By-Step Process for Facilitating Profound Transformational Shifts & Understanding Your Life’s Purpose. Check out this program here: Soul Discovery Series

From the Heart,
Jonathan Parker

PS As you already know I have many programs to help you on your spiritual journey, but for those who are most serious about their evolution my most powerful program is called “Energy Self-Mastery for Spiritual Awakening.”

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