During Jerry Seinfeld’s show Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee last week he said something very insightful on pain.

Pain is knowledge rushing in to fill a gap. When you stub your toe on the foot of the bed, that was a gap in knowledge, and the pain is a lot of information really quick.

Yes, pain is a message, but too often you are probably misinterpreting it. It’s natural to want a quick and easy way to make it stop, but have you considered what the pain is trying to tell you?

The superficial answer might be there’s a pinched nerve, a disease, an injury, a pulled muscle, a defective body part, etc.,…

And all of that may be true, but not necessarily the whole truth.

More than 30 years ago I read a little book by Louise Hay called “Heal Your Body.” This book deals with the mental and emotional causes of ailments and gives yet other explanations on where pain and ailments come from.

When you hear that, your first response is probably, “That doesn’t make sense…You can’t tell me that it’s in my mind or emotions…I’m not crazy you know!”

You’ve probably heard some conditions being labeled as psychosomatic. Some people think that means they are being labeled as crazy…or at least imagining the ailment.

But that’s not what psychosomatic means. Psychosomatic doesn’t mean the condition is imaginary, or exaggerated, or they have a mental problem. It does mean the origins of the condition lie in the mind-body connection.

So last month when my back started hurting after playing tennis, my first impulse was to think I pulled a muscle. But then my tennis coach said, “While you may have a pulled muscle, you should probably consider there’s more to the story.”

He reminded me to review my recent thoughts, feelings and beliefs to see the connection. (everyone can use a coach)

So I began reviewing immediately what had been going on inside of me.

That’s when I realized he was right. I had been ignoring the obvious. For the previous few months I had been sitting long hours at my desk working on a series of projects that had deadlines…

and I was irritated with myself that the deadlines had past.

Notice the word “irritated” is related to “irritation,” which is exactly what was going on in my back.

Once I realized that, I got back to the fundamentals and created a program for myself to release the conscious and subconscious cause of my pain.

And guess what? In just 2 days of working with this program the muscle loosened it’s grip and I was back to plahying tennis again.

If you are interested in healing your pain naturally, Freedom From Pain is your blessing.

If you are experiencing any sort of physical pain right now,and are interested in healing your pain naturally, then  Freedom from Pain is your answer.

This is a darn good program to have in your “medicine cabinet.” Should you ever need it, you’ll be thankful you have it.

Until next time…

From the Heart,
Jonathan Parker

P.S. My new program Freedom From Pain has 6 deeply relaxing guided visualization sessions, 2 hours of soothing affirmations, and even some subliminal programs to get the healing going in your subconscious. For Freedom from Pain Click Here Now.

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