Recently I surveyed a dozen people I regularly play tennis with and asked them if they are in pain.

They all said, “yes.”

Now here’s the interesting thing about pain…

Each authority you talk to has a different theory on the cause and what to do about it.
If you talk to a chiropractor you’ll get one answer. A medical doc will give you another. A body worker will give you another…An acupuncturist, yet another.

I know because weeks ago I injured myself playing tennis. The pain was so intense I was unable to play, so I set out to find the cause and best treatment.

Well, I found a solution, but not where I expected to.

I imagined one of the experts I consulted would have the answer, but it came from another athlete…my coach, in fact. He said, “I know the solution!” He then went on to tell me about not only problems he has had with his back, but also a number of other painful issues that made sports really difficult for him…

Until he figured this one thing out…

He had heard that Howard Stern, the radio personality had some painful injuries and found the solution by identifying his subconscious emotional patterns.

It turns out there’s quite a bit of research in this area and when you ignore your mind telling you that an emotional cause is illogical, you have a chance of uncovering the underlying cause.

I know you’re mind will want to tell you there is something structural, or that your joints are deteriorating, or you have some mysterious disease.

Those may be contributing factors, of course… but modern research is finding that so much of what plagues us has roots in how we hold and process our beliefs and emotions.

If you are suffering with any kind of pain, start by tuning into it…

Be alert to what you say, think and feel about it. You’re likely to uncover something surprising about what causes and sustains it.

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