The recent news about Wayne Dyer passing has caused some people around the web to question what he taught.

One person posted this recently in a forum…

“Has Dr. Dyer been able to heal himself? (he was diagnosed with Leukemia years ago) Despite Dr. Dyer’s obvious devotion to the idea that we can perform miracles, his own life actually denies the veracity(validity) of this theories.”

A rather short-sighted comment I know, but one that  deserves a response.

Neither Dr. Dyer nor any responsible teacher would ever imply that one can go through life without challenges or illnesses. Nobody, not even the purest of heart, escapes life without suffering some battle scars…and certainly his passing is just part of the cycle of life.

The fact that he passed on at 75 is certainly not a reflection that healing miracles do not happen, as he and many others, myself included, have witnessed.

Just because he had some health challenges doesn’t mean his message was not true. To me Wayne’s message is this…yes, you can manifest miracles in your life, but you can’t stop life from happening…and death is certainly a part of life.

As I write this, the family just released a statement saying “We just received the coroner’s report of Wayne’s death and the report indicated that he did not have a trace of leukemia in his body. He died of a heart attack.”

A Gift from Wayne

When Wayne saw me on TV years ago, he boxed up copies of all his books and sent them to me. On the inside cover of “The Sky’s the Limit” he wrote, “A gift in celebration of your fine work.” Love & Light, Wayne Dyer.

He has always had a special place in my heart as well as the hearts of so many.

He was an explorer of the deepest mysteries of life and he helped us all come to a better understanding of who we are and why we are here. Rest assured his soul agreement for this earth journey was complete.

I’m quite sure Dr. Dyer had numerous explorations into the realms that lie beyond the physical, which is undoubtedly why he said he couldn’t wait for his next adventure to begin and he had no fear of dying.

Each and every one of us will face the end of our current existence one day. Awhile go, I recorded a meditation for myself that would guide me to review my life and clear any unresolved issues before leaving this body.

You can find it here.

Another luminous soul returns to Source. RIP Wayne Dyer.

From the heart,

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