Have you struggled with how to stop self-doubt?

Doubts squash your creativity, destroy your goals, and inhibit you from moving forward.

Self-doubts run around in your mind, making you question your abilities and decisions without you even suspecting it?

I’ve been there and so has just about every person I’ve ever met. In fact, it took me a few years to discover why my mind did this, and how to stop self doubt.

Why does your mind do that?

The reason the mind doubts is because it wants you to stay where you are. That’s right. You may think you want to progress, but the doubt in your mind doesn’t.

There is the notion that the past is more stable and therefore better than the future.

What do you fear about the future?

You see, the future is always unknown, and that is the most scary thing to the mind. It is afraid of what might happen next.

As a result, the mind will use fear to keep you frozen or stuck where you are even if you don’t like it.

Doubt is a form of fear.

One of the main tools the mind uses for this purpose is self-doubt because it creates the illusion of keeping you more safe in the present than venturing into an unknown future.

Here’s how to stop self doubt

First, you have to recognize your self-doubt thoughts in order to weed them out before they take over your creativity, undermine your goals, and keep you stuck.

Second, recognize the doubts for the lies they are and use your common sense to refute them.

When self-doubt creeps into your thoughts, say to yourself, “Thank you for letting me know your concern. I refuse to believe that false statement. I release you and let you go, now!”

Third, replace negative self-doubt with positive thoughts. Here’s how:

Just repeating positive affirmations is not enough. You need to eliminate the negative before you will have fertile soil for the positive beliefs. That is where refuting comes in.

You can refute the doubt because whatever the self-doubting statement is, it is a fear-based conjecture, and not a fact.

Fourth, replace the doubting thoughts with the positive opposite. So if the doubting voice says, “You are not smart enough, talented enough, or good enough,” say to yourself, “I trust myself. I respect myself. I can do it.”

If you let it get the best of you by believing the lies, they can destroy even your best of intentions for success.

Learn to recognize and release the crippling, negative thoughts, and refocus on achieving the goals you’ve set for yourself.

I’ll have more suggestions for you the next time.

From the Heart,

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