How to make your life work the way you want it to eludes most people.

Here’s why…

Back in the early 1960’s I was a member of a church that banned a popular book.

Of course, that only made me want to read it more to find out what was so evil or blasphemous about it. Actually, I found it to be the exact opposite.

The book title is Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz and it actually started me on my study of psychology in graduate school and ultimately into metaphysics.

Dr. Maltz discovered that patients often continued to see themselves the same way they did before he did plastic surgery on them—even when they were looking in a mirror.

He wondered how that was possible until he realized it was because they had not changed their subconscious mind about how they looked, and thus the image they saw of themselves in the mirror had not changed.

That is a pretty astounding revelation isn’t it! 

In fact, it doesn’t even seem possible, and yet it happens to everyone all the time–still thinking of themselves the same way they have since they were children.

When you were a child you probably were not 100% self-confident.

Am I right? In fact, you probably doubted yourself quite a bit. I know I did.

The problem is that as we grow older we still carry the old beliefs in our subconscious mind unless and until we address them and clear them.

What Dr. Maltz discovered was it isn’t just about our physical appearance that people can’t see another way, it is most of what we believe to be true.

So he began working with mental imagery to reprogram his patients’ subconscious beliefs, and had amazing results! His patients began to see the changes that others around them saw.

To be successful at life you must have a mind-set of confidence in all areas of your life. That mind-set is your self-image and it must include both your conscious and subconscious beliefs and attitudes.

Your Life Blueprint

The scary part is that you self-image program formed by the time you were 12-years-old and it runs your life for the rest of your life…unless you go into your subconscious and change the programming.

Everything in your life is a reflection of the image you have about it.

Why Your Life Doesn’t Work the Way Your Want

Your subconscious works like an automatic pilot which keeps you on a programmed course until that program is changed. If the autopilot of an airplane is set for a course that takes it into the side of a mountain, that is where the plane is going.

If your subconscious autopilot is set on failure, you will find a way to fail.

Your subconscious doesn’t reason like your conscious mind does. It

simply carries out its programs, and they affect your finances, health, relationships, and everything else about you.

That is why people often end up sabotaging themselves.

Here’s the Bottom Line on How to Make Your Life Work

You can only have and become what you BELIEVE at a subconscious level.

I have a free gift to help you today. 

It is a short e-workbook to help you clarify and focus on all the important areas of your life. I’ve titled it Live, Expand, & Thrive.

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