How to Let Go of What is Troubling You
Jonathan Parker 

What if what you believe is what is causing your life to be trapped, stuck, limited, confused, painful, lonely, depressed, angry, or fearful? All of those symptoms are actually caused by certain types of beliefs…beliefs that keep you trapped in a box defined by the beliefs.

When I was much younger I knew a lot of things for sure. There were a lot of things I would say I believed in and was certain of, but now I see things with new eyes, and I have often come to different conclusions.

Beliefs are not  always based on facts even though most people think they are. Basically, beliefs are opinions people base their lives on. Some opinions are based on facts and some aren’t, but either way, they form the corner stones of what a person assumes and accepts.

So What Do We Do About This?

Well, the first thing you have to do is figure out what the belief is underlying the problem you are facing. So, you start with the symptom you want to get rid of. Let’s say it is that you get angry sometimes and say or do things you later regret. Now what could be an underlying belief that is causing that?

How about a strong position that situations or people should be different? Or, there is something you’d like to see changed, but it is beyond your control. People are supposed to always be kind, honest, and fair, but they aren’t. Think of your situation and listen to your inner voices about it, and you will discover you have certain beliefs that are fueling it. Usually it will contain the such words as, should, must, have to, need, should not, etc.

Now you might say, “Yes, but I’m right.” Maybe you are in certain respects, but something is not right or you wouldn’t be angry or in pain about it. Isn’t that right?

What if you decided to take a position that other people have a right to think differently from you? That could be a new belief and while it doesn’t condone what they think or do, it does free you from becoming upset about them. 

Is that All There Is to It?

That might sound simple enough, but I know it is not quite as easy as saying you will just change your mind. You see if you have been living with a particular belief or point of view for a long time, your mind usually won’t just let it go. Why? Because it is in your subconscious mind as well as your conscious mind, and this is where meditation, visualizations, and affirmations come in.

Let’s say you are troubled financially, health wise, or with a relationship. Aren’t what you are dealing with something that arose from your past? You bet. Now that is actually the best news you could hear, because the past is really just composed of memories and nothing more. That means that the forces you are dealing with can be changed in the present. Here’s what I mean.

I want you to think about this. Everything you think about yourself and your life including all of your successes and failures, all of your relationships, all of your business ventures, all of your spiritual endeavors, are based on your perceptions, assumptions, and conclusions about your past.

When you explore your beliefs in a relaxed state you can effect important life-altering changes because you will have deeper access to your subconscious mind. So, if you go back to exploring whatever issue is bothering you while you are in a relaxed state, and you discover the underlying beliefs associated with it, you’ll be able to let go and transform the foundation of your life.

In Part 4 of this series I’ll go into some depth on this subject so you can free yourself in ways you may not have known you could. 

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