I am now one with the perfect image of complete wellness

Every idea of my body is now complete and perfect

I feel love flowing through me healing me thoroughly

I allow love to flow into me and heal me

My body is continually renewed by divine healing

I am filled with the healing power of divine love

I am happy and complete, today and forever

Within me is that which is perfect and complete

Perfection is already accomplished

I see only perfection. There is nothing else to see

I am filled with love and joy forever

I am complete and perfect.

I am one with all life

Love like the river of life flowing through me

Love refreshes me with its eternal blessings

A circle of love is drawn around me

I am continually inspired with divine ideas

My thoughts are illuminated by love and infinite wisdom

I attract loving & honest people

My energy always attracts good

My essence calls forth love and abundance

I surrender to the perfection of my higher self

I feel fullness of pure loving light

I surrender to the divine work of perfection in me

My heart is pure and radiant love

I transcend all limited thoughts and rise to perfection & purity

I rest in perfect trust

I surrender to the perfection of my God Presence

The power of love radiates from me

I feel love growing and increasing in me

I feel deep trust and inner peace

I receive love, light, and beauty now

I feel the love in me growing and increasing continually

I bathe and saturate myself in the splendor of universal love

I attract only good and positive energies

I feel harmony and love

I feel love energy

My life always moves in the directions of greater love & light

I surrender to ever expanding divine love

I merge with pure love

My life flows in a river of love

I allow the highest love to flow through me

I feel and radiate love

Love is always around me

Love opens the way to beauty and goodness before me

I am an open channel for love

I accept my destiny to be a being of pure love

Love unfolds through my life

I feel love surrounding me

I think and speak with tones of love

I am a being of love and kindness

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