Perhaps the most fundamental form of yogic meditation is through becoming a witness or observer. This is a practice which can be part of a meditation but it can also be practiced in day-to-day life. This makes you more mindful and awake in everything you do. Even the most routine things you do like getting ready in the morning and all your grooming can be done mindfully. In this way everything can become a mindful meditation.

Another important and useful form of yogic meditation is devotional. In this form of meditation you focus on your heart and soul center in your chest and the divine presence that lives there.

Some people also include saints and other enlightened or holy beings in these practices and that can certainly help as well, because whatever you turn your attention on you invoke those qualities within yourself and you then feel the inspiration and shifts in your own consciousness.

Yogic meditation can also be done without any form, but rather focusing on a particular quality such as deep divine love in your heart. You can also use sacred names, words or mantas this way

All these aspects of meditation are designed to carry a person into a state of absorption in higher awareness. This is a state characterized by deep peace, contentment, satisfaction, fulfillment, completion, unity, expansion, lightness, openness, and all embracing deep love.

The yogic name for this state is Samadhi which means unification or absorption. It is a state in which all the barriers between you and everything that was perceived to be outside of you disappear.

Samadhi is a state of meditation so deep that the barriers between yourself and everything else disappears including any sense of separation from the Divine, so you feel totally and completely one with everything and everyone at a core soul level, not at a personality level.

This can happen in any meditation or during a religious experience, but through meditation practices it can become more common and eventually become the natural state of your awareness.

The highest way to experience life in the yoga way is to maintain awareness of your own deep and true nature in your heart at all times which means being aware of being one with the divine.

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