To increase love and affection it is important to become a loving and affectionate person yourself.

1.  The way you do this is by not focusing your efforts outwardly in trying to do things to make people love you, but rather you focus within yourself and saturate your mind with loving and caring thoughts and beliefs.

2.  Love affirmations are an excellent way to do this because the conscious and subconscious mind accept what is often repeated. Once internalized, these beliefs then radiate a subtle field that prompts others to treat you warmly and lovingly.

3.  Realize the positive love affirmations listed below should be reinforced throughout the day. You can read them aloud or silently in your own mind. You may find it most effective to repeat them first audibly and then again silently. When you repeat the affirmations silently it is best to move your lips even though nothing is audibly stated.

4.  This process works most effectively when done as you awaken are just before sleeping. Those are the to times of day when your subconscious mind is most easily and naturally accessed.

5.  You can also reinforce positive affirmations by using visualization techniques anytime you have a few minutes in your day. Simply sit back, close your eyes, and mentally imagine yourself radiating love in your aura, and attracting loving expressions from others.

Your internal beliefs and feelings, especially those in your subconscious, create an attractor field around you. This puts you in synchronicity to be at the right place at the right time, and naturally draw people to you who reflect the characteristics of your affirmations and beliefs.

6.  For this to be most effective, you must reinforce the love affirmations at every opportunity. In addition, begin to pay close attention to how you relate to others. Watch for subtle changes that reflect the increasing amount of love presence radiating from within you. The affirmations define who you are and are in alignment with the nature of your true self. So be sure to greet others warmly, smile often, speak positively, and accentuate good qualities and experiences. Avoid negativity and concentrate on thinking, feeling, and behaving in a loving manner and it will soon be reflected as the wonderful natural being you are.

Love Affirmations:

  • I radiate warmth and love to others.
  • Each and every day I am more lovable.
  • People return warm, loving feelings to me.
  • I love being warm and loving.
  • I attract others who are warm and loving to me.
  • I am more lovable every day.
  • Love energy flows through me and around me.
  • Each day more love fills my life.
  • I love myself and others unconditionally.
  • I truly do love and want the best for others.
  • Each day there is more love and happiness in all of my relationships.
  • I give my friendships and relationships tender loving care.
  • I am patient and kind and freely give my love.
  • There is a loving beauty in life all around me.
  • My love is genuine and strong.
  • I naturally love others and they love me.
  • I am a being of pure love.
  • I naturally attract loving relationships.
  • I automatically attract others who are loving into my life.
  • I feel grateful for the abundance of love expressing through my life.
  • I radiate pure love energy which attracts others.
  • I am a beautiful person.
  • Radiant love grows within me each passing day
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