Hypnotism is no doubt a controversial topic with diametrically opposed views about its validity. Much of the criticism is based on the images of hypnotism popularized by movies and television as a mystic phenomenon that can control people beyond their will or desire. Even if we discard the exaggerated powers of hypnotism to turn the subjects in to zombie-like creatures, the subject of the usefulness of hypnosis has been a subject of much scientific research. This brings us to the question of can hypnosis really improve our lives in meaningful ways, and specifically does hypnosis for weight loss actually work? Obviously, this has to deal with the question of how the mind works in first place to understand the mechanism of hypnotism.

Even though hypnotism is still shrouded in some mystery, the studies over the past century have led us to a greater understanding on this subject. The result of these studies gives four general characteristics of hypnosis. Hypnotism causes the individual to attain a mental state of heightened imagination, relaxation, focus, and suggestibility. The condition is generally described as a trance which is a mental state that may look like sleep, but is unlike sleep since the individual is fully alert and even more acutely aware than they normally are. This is similar to our common experience when we are lost in thought while reading a book with fully intensified focus. In those moments, we are attentive only to our subject of focus but not to the ordinary stimuli around us.

This is the basis for utilizing this heightened-awareness state of our consciousness to achieve what is more difficult in our normal state of awareness. Hypnotism also demonstrates the power of the mind to exert levels of control on our bodily functions, which can be used to achieve desired benefits. For most of people, it is difficult to exercise will power to sustain them on the path they desire, be it avoiding negative habits or achieving desirable qualities. Hypnotism can be used to make the subject realize his or her own power to achieve these goals.

How Your Subconscious Mind Power Works for Weight loss

The process of hypnosis helps the subject to align with the hypnotist’s or one’s own hypnotic suggestions as in the case of self-hypnosis and auto-suggestion. This works to transform a person’s subconscious beliefs to conform to the desired goal. The inner beliefs activate the mind-body connection to bring about the bodily conditions depicted by the new beliefs even when they contradict current conscious perceptions.

Under hypnosis the person is relaxed and has less resistance to new suggestions. This means that the ordinary “flow of thoughts,” which consists of many contradictions, self-doubts, and uncertainties are no longer obstructing or hindering the progression to their new goals. This also explains why most people do not achieve their goals or end up accepting defeat too easily. The reason is that they cannot maintain a consistent focus on their goals, but rather are distracted from their goals because of their doubts and self-defeating beliefs.

Hypnosis for weight loss is based on the power of the subconscious mind to influence and control the internal working of our bodies including appetite, metabolism, and desires. The main difficulty in winning over bad habits and cultivating good habits is to either have unwavering will power or full subconscious focus on the desired outcome. Sustained will power is very difficult, while hypnosis for weight loss works on the subconscious mind by suggesting descriptions that support a healthy lifestyle and enlisting the cooperation and support of your subconscious mind to embrace them fully. If ideas and beliefs are completely accepted by the subconscious mind, then it no longer creates contradictory pulls that cause one to fail.

The way we form habits and follow them without thinking or learn a skill and do it perfectly without conscious attention are two examples that show the existence and power of the subconscious mind. Why not use its power to engage habits that support your weight loss goals? My program Winning at Weight Loss makes use of guided visualization self-hypnosis sessions for weight loss. This program works on appetite control and eliminating junk food as well as directly addressing weight loss. This program works by providing the determination and motivation to achieve your weight loss goals by enlisting the power of your subconscious mind. You will find this program at this link: (http://www.jonathanparker.org/catalog/health-healing-fitness/winning-losing-weight-8-cds).

Self-hypnosis for weight loss is designed to re-educate your subconscious mind to support not only your health habits for achieving weight loss, but also to engage your metabolism to reduce excess weight. Weight loss can be achieved only through consistent changes in your daily life style, and when you fail to be consistent you can find you confidence eroding which makes it difficult to sustain the motivation.

Hypnotic suggestions also help you to reveal your hidden fears and cravings and help you to understand yourself better. This is highly beneficial in achieving positive results as you are dealing with unknown fears and desires which are the real obstructions to achieving your goals.

What is the Role of the Subconscious Mind in Weight Loss?

There are several types of behavior and habits controlled by the subconscious mind which can cause overweight problems. These are: boredom eating, inability to control hunger pangs, binge eating, cravings for fast foods or junk food, eating for comfort, excess eating in social occasions, and eating to feel in control. On the positive side of the spectrum are such habits of mind that help you to engage in activities that support good health such as eating healthy food in reasonable portions, eating slowly, and having a positive image of a slender and healthy body. Hypnotic suggestions work to create an internal mental state in which the bad habits are discarded and the positive ones integrated. This works in the background of the mind all the time and will result in appropriate behaviors and attitudinal changes. When the conscious thoughts about having weight loss and achieving an ideal body are supported by the subconscious mind you can expect results! Most often permanent results occur gradually over weeks and months leading to a transformed person.

What is the Missing Ingredient in Weight Loss Programs?

As obesity is major health concern in past few decades, many techniques were designed and publicized. Pills and supplements and various dietary control measures and exercises work only temporarily in most cases. In fact, over 90% of people going on weight reduction programs gain the weight back after a year. The main flaw in these techniques is not giving adequate attention to the fact that without subconscious integration of healthy weight loss habits into your personality it is nearly impossible to maintain the constant vigil to sustain weight loss. But when you attune your mind to the power of your subconscious to  support positive habits while discarding the negative ones, your life style will naturally change to a healthy state without any inner struggle about overcoming uncontrollable impulses. Hence, the weight loss will be sustained.

This is the unique advantage of hypnosis for weight loss over other methods that are commonly publicized. Any weight loss program you follow can be much more effective if you accompany it with support programs that work with your subconscious mind. It must be noted that hypnosis for weight loss should also be accompanied by supporting activities like suitable exercises your doctor approves, and an overall healthy diet. This is where my audio programs come in. They support you throughout the day to stay on whatever weight loss program you are following.

You will find it very valuable to learn the technique of self-hypnosis and use it to support your will power to help you to maintain the dietary control and ability to reach exercising schedules without fail. The short guided visualization self-hypnosis sessions in my programs as well as the mind talk audible and subliminal affirmations will help you to overcome emotionally charged uncontrolled eating habits, help you develop a positive self-image and outlook on life, and engage your subconscious mind to fully support you. My self-hypnosis guided visualizations are only ten minutes in length and are very easy and enjoyable to do. Besides, building a positive image of being happy and healthy, you will change your attitude towards your routine activities and make it possible to enjoy the benefits obtained by a  changed outlook towards your own mental powers and healthy life.

Visit the following links to find a lot more information on the power of your subconscious mind to help you with your weight loss goals through positive affirmations and a link to a free self-hypnosis guided visualization audio program.

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