For those who have not attained all the results they desire, theta healing offers an added dimension to clearing blocks and accelerating the healing process. Vianna Stibal, who was suffering from a serious and possibly terminal cancer in 1995, had already enjoyed a career in Alternative Health. A naturopath, intuitive reader, and massage therapist of no small reputation, she had generated successful experiences with clients for some time before her own odyssey of illness would overtake her days.

Vianna had, however, learned much as a student of healing, and this would continue to help her in her own extremis. More like following an instinct than anything else at first, she began looking at her condition from a new perspective. This rapidly led to a spontaneous healing session, in which divine thought intersected seamlessly with her physical needs, treating it instantaneously and summarily.

To most outsiders, such an event seems overblown, a result of “spontaneous remission” and wishful thinking. But what, in fact, is spontaneous remission? Physicians have no clear rubric to explain why and how it occurs, or how one patient can recover totally in such a dramatic way.

Vianna had only to back-engineer her own process, and in mining that mountain she invented the practice that came to be known as Theta Healing. In short, the application requires an evenly-divided effort between education and attainment of the so-called “theta” state, which is a zone of awareness that is said to permit a direct experience of divine interaction.

The education details a new approach to understanding DNA, human anatomies (including esoteric), and the power of direct and focused thought. The complementary work occurs through guided meditations, so that the practitioner can locate and anchor his or her own “nodes” of access to the application of theta healing resources.

More than Visualization or Affirmations

For both healer and client, an openness toward changing old patterns of thought is absolutely essential. As in creative visualization, it is vital to seek out one’s own thoughts as determining factors of experiences; unlike the use of affirmations, however, theta healing targets an instantaneous shift in these faulty core conceptions.

Where it diverges from more conventional visualization models it invokes “All That Is,” as an access to transformational power. This direct manifestation of energy is then said to literally topple the old order of perception completely, letting go of the foundations holding the issues in place. The nature of the disorder becomes clear, and the inner soundtrack of the mind is remastered to reflect the acceptance of a new level of reality.

How The Transformations Happen

Another essential unintended consequence of spontaneous visualization, is that in conceptualizing negative thoughts they create negative effects in the body. Targeting these negative sources will then lead to an actual clearing and “rewrite,” in which healthy functioning is anchored within internal awareness. The same transformation can occur, in other words, and in the theta model this shift is both instantaneous and permanent. Illness can no longer exist, where the pattern has been eliminated and where the soul has commenced a programming rewrite of the human mainframe.

This basic paradigm is what Vianna used to attain her total cure in 1995, and after she developed a system to transmit it she began teaching others, eventually coming onto the alternative health scene as a school of healing in its own right.

In her own descriptions of the model, Vianna Stibal comes to some revealing foundational statements. She describes the basic level of connection desired as “clarity,” in which questions have little time to form. Why there is disorder becomes obvious to the observer, as to the client, and a series of rationales for previous illness shine through in an elegant display of divine power. “Clear answers,” then, sought and delivered, lie at the heart of this new spiritual discipline.

She works from that desire using Four Levels: Core, Gene, History, and Soul. She asks through each platform to understand what purpose disorder plays, and how that purpose can be dealt with differently in healing. How can the mind be reprogrammed to manifest spiritual and physical abundance, in other words? The clear answer to that type of question is central to Theta treatment.

And the “where” is also quite important. The Seven Planes of Reality, as taught in Vianna’s method, provide access to the desired region of contact with “All That Is.” Knowledge points the way, and meditation gives the practitioner that perfect hot spot, where direct thought can be met by direct Divine action. Details to this journey remain an object of classroom instruction, thus proprietary, but the goal is to reliably enter both the state and location of this energy, thereby tapping into it directly for transmission.

This process is similar to some aspects of what I have called the Miraculous light which resulted from an epiphany I experienced years ago. You can read about this and have your own experience with it through the link on the product page for the Miraculous Light.

You will also find a meditation script and many other resources here.

For an in-depth description of what and how I can help you with a similar process go to my session page.

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