What if You Feel Like Giving Up?

This article is specifically about our weight loss products, but much of the information applies to any self-development program.

Any time you are trying to change something in your life, whether it’s your finances, your relationships, or your weight, it is easy to become discouraged and feel like giving up. This is because real, lasting change doesn’t happen overnight. Even though you know this logically, being patient and trusting that the changes will occur can be very difficult when you can’t actually see something happening. If you ever get to the point where you feel like giving up, please take a few minutes to consider the following very important points.

(1) Playing the weight-loss audio programs is easy, nearly effortless, and takes very little time away from other activities. And because it’s not like a diet or weight-loss regimen involving self-denial or struggle, there’s no reason to stop playing the audio programs. Filling your mind with wonderful affirmations and positive beliefs about yourself can only help you, not only to lose weight, but in every area of your life.

(2) What is the alternative if you quit using the weight-loss program? You’ve learned that your weight is directly related to the image you hold of yourself in your subconscious mind, along with the attitudes toward flood and eating habits that have been established in your subconscious over many years. If you give up on the program, you are going back to struggling with your weight problem, perhaps for the rest of your life. The answer to permanent weight-control comes from the inside out. Until you change your self-image and the beliefs and habits in your subconscious mind, you won’t gain control of your weight permanently. Oh sure, you can go on a diet or other program and lose weight, but realize that in order to keep the weight off forever (which is your goal), you will have to stay on your diet or program, restricting yourself and exercising conscious willpower from now on.

(3) 97% of the people who are able to lose weight on diets and other programs gain it back within one year. And this is because they haven’t made the internal changes that will give them permanent control of their weight. With WINNING AT LOSING you can get into your inner mind to remove what has caused the problem in the first place. Once you do this, you will eliminate the problem from your life forever. Even though for some people this may take longer to do than they think it should, the results are well worth waiting for. Which would you prefer – to lose weight faster, only to face regaining it again and battling your weight problem for the rest of your life, or to lose weight more slowly, but permanently, with no struggle?

(4) Let me tell you the remarkable story about Connie Thomson who used the weight loss program for more than 4 months before she saw results.


Connie Thomson’s story can best be understood by two ideas: patience and learning to accept herself on all levels. Connie, who is 5 feet 1.5 “” tall, started the Winning At Losing program at 189 pounds (dress size 18) and was gaining. She had been in therapy to help her lose weight, but the pounds did not come off.

Her therapist then recommend Jonathan Parker’s audio program because she was familiar with his work and felt the techniques he used would go to a level deeper than the therapy was reaching. Connie immediately started listening to the program, although it was necessary to balance listening time with her activities as a full-time college student and a wife and mother. She had realized from therapy that it was necessary to accept herself before she would begin to lose weight. In order to achieve this, she listened to the positive affirmation programs for six weeks before she started using the visualizations.

Over the next few months, Connie’s weight stabilized. Throughout this time she became more aware of the types of food she was eating, although she did not diet or make any conscious changes in what she was eating. It took Connie 4½ months of listening to Winning at Losing before she started losing weight. Once she stared losing, she continued to drop weight steadily even though she never dieted or exercised. In the next 10½ months she lost a total of 87 pounds – over eight pounds a month, two pounds a week. “I just went into the program with faith that these changes would happen and that my body would take care of itself, and it did.”

At the time of this writing Connie now weighs 102 pounds and is a size 2. She feels the changes are permanent. When new people meet Connie, they do not believe she was ever heavy. All that remains of her once-heavy self are old photographs and fading memories. Where once she avoid social gatherings., Connie now seeks out such situations. Shopping is fun, even though she admits finding size 2’s can be tough, although she adds, “It’s something I can live with!”

“Those who meet me now do not believe that I ever weighed as much as I did. They really don’t. I have to carry around what I call my fat pictures because they really don’t believe me. My family just thinks it is wonderful. I think that as positive as the weight came off and as easy as it was for me to do it, and I say easy because it literally was, they were just amazed. They just saw the most positive changes in me that they ever saw in my entire life.”

“I believe I’m more myself, where I should be naturally, than I’ve been anytime before in my life. The biggest thing that tells me it was the great program it was, and is, is when people say to me, “You look exactly like you should look.” That tells me I did it right.”


Dear Friend,

Choosing WINNING AT LOSING as the way to deal with my very painful weight problem was perhaps the single most loving thing that I have ever done for myself. I truly hope that you will view it in a similar way.

I am so excited for you because of the adventure that awaits you. It is because of this that you may have doubt in the process from time to time. Please, my friend, trust, because what is happening is the most loving and gentle transformation you can ever imagine. You are finally approaching your weight in the way you deserve, with patience and love.

There may be times, particularly in the beginning, when you become discouraged, particularly if it seems nothing is happening. I can assure you, if you are indeed listening to the programs, and visualizing your own perfection, the process is at work. Patience is the key, success the reward.

The process is different for everyone, but I would like to share with you some of the first changes that I noticed. The first thing that happened in my eating was that I started craving really healthy food. That was not normal for me, and actually was quite alarming in the beginning. Mot incredible was that I could now eat and drink things that would have previously made me gag. You might not have such an incredible change in your eating habits, but I’m sure you will notice some difference. The other experience was that I no longer had to monitor what I ate because my body seemed to be craving exactly what it needed. This was certainly an experience that I hadn’t had before.

Most incredible of the entire experience is the amount of feelings and changes that came over me. With the weight loss came realizations about what the weight had been about. When people started noticing, I became concerned that maybe it wouldn’t last. Most wonderful though was the love that I allowed myself to feel. I have come to no longer view myself from the point of view of imperfect proportions. Instead I am a whole person that just happens to be 87 pounds lighter.

Please have faith, the process is gentle and absolutely wonderful. Remember, that you are worth it. In those moments of doubt, read the affirmations aloud. They and you are absolutely wonderful.

Connie Thomson

(5) If you do decide you want to try another program or diet to speed up your weight loss, don’t stop playing your audio programs. They will only make other programs easier to follow, without pain, force, and struggle. They will continue to change the way you feel about yourself and the belief system in your inner mind so that your weight loss can be permanent. Many people use Jonathan’s audio programs with diets and credit the audio programs with giving them the ability to stick to that diet and lose the weight permanently.

(6) Here is what Robert Granderson said: “I feel that the way the audio programs have really affected me is that they are a constant support for me. Without them, I could not have stuck with any diet, I mean, I know that, that’s a fact, because I have done it too many times and I just had no willpower, absolutely none. It is the audio programs that have done it. I mean definitely, absolutely, it’s the only thing. I just couldn’t have done it, absolutely not in any way could I have done it without the audio programs. But now I feel with the things that the audio programs have given me, the ideas about myself and the ideas about eating that the audio programs have given me, and how good I truly do feel about myself, this weight is not coming back, it just isn’t coming back, there is no way. This is the attitude the audio programs have given me, and I never had this attitude before, never.” – Robert Granderson

(7) Dr. David Lewis, M.D., advised that if you want to try another program, you continue using the audio programs. “Whatever you do, use the audio programs as an adjunct to any other diet or program. They are there to change how you feel about yourself, how you feel about food, and put food in the proper perspective in your life.” – David Lewis, M.D.

(8) Be honest with yourself: haven’t you seen some changes as a result of playing the audio programs faithfully? Haven’t you noticed that your taste for salty, sweet, and fatty foods has decreased and that your desire for fresh vegetables, salads, and healthful foods has increased? Haven’t you noticed how good that orange or apple you reached for tasted? Much more satisfying than that gooey dessert? If your answer is yes to any of these, you know the audio programs are working for you. Stay with it, and you’ll reach your goal. Perhaps you remember the story about the one-legged man who climbed to the top of Mount Whitney. When asked how he did it, he replied simply, “One step at a time!” Climb your mountain one step at a time and don’t let slow progress stand in your way. After all, it’s so easy, all you have to do is listen and you’re on your way to creating a new body and a new life!

It’s not a matter of whether the weight loss audio programs will work for you; they will work, it’s just a matter of how long it will take.

“I believe that even if somebody is apprehensive and doesn’t believe that it’s going to work, if these audio programs are played, and they even refuse to think that they’re going to work, and just play them anyway, they’ll see that they do work.” – Patty Leach

“It definitely does work. Oddly enough, just about the time you think it’s not going to, it starts to really work. It’s amazing, it really is amazing!” — Robert Granderson.


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