Most dreams are processing events of the day in symbolic form. There is a way to help yourself to get through those kinds of things very quickly, so you can get on to instructional dreams and connect with master teachers while you sleep.

As you lay down to go to sleep, review the day starting with the present moment and go back in time, step-by-step, until you reach the moment you woke up that day. Going backward helps you remember better. It’s like playing the movie reel backward and you don’t tend to skip things. Then say, “I dedicate myself to higher spiritual development as I sleep tonight. I am love & light. I am open to higher guidance and experiences.” This meditative technique releases the energies bound by the day, and frees you to have higher quality experiences while you sleep.

This way you have less dreaming to do. Less reorganizing of thoughts to do, and this gives you more time out for spiritual or higher pursuits. You will feel very calm and balanced in the morning. It may take you several nights to succeed with this, but as your mind gets used to it, you will find you are open.

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Dear Jonathan,

I enjoyed the article about productive dreams and can’t wait to get started. After I start having productive dreams should I try to remember them or let them just surface? Should I try to analyze them or wait and see if the answer pops up? Also I sleep very deeply therefore it is very hard to remember my dreams, do you have any suggestions for not sleeping so deeply? Thanks and Blessings, Paulette

Dear Paulette,

I don’t think it is that important to retrieve unremembered dreams. Dreams are nearly always symbolic and therefore require interpretation. The characters and situations in the dreams are all symbols whose meaning is unique to each person. For this reason, dream interpretation dictionaries are of only limited value. You must determine what the symbol means to you.

In the case of a person, you must determine what that person means to you that is, the person in the dream may have nothing to do with the person in real life, they are a symbol of something.

One technique that many people find helpful is to put themselves in the position of each person or symbol in the dream and determine how they responded in the dream.

In order to better remember dreams many people set an alarm clock for 4 am, stay up for 10 minutes and then go back to sleep. It is during these early morning hours that most lucid dreams occur, and they are more easy to remember once you have been awake. You can also try drinking water before you go to sleep, so you will wake up during the night to go to the bathroom.

Aother way to remember dreams is to give yourself strong suggestions that you will remember your dreams just before you go to sleep. Playing a program of affirmations as you fall asleep is also helpful. Dreams are usually forgotten within 10 minutes of waking up, so be sure to write down your dreams or record them on a tape recorder as soon as you wake up.

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