You already possess the most powerful weapon in the fight against fat! It doesn’t cost a thing, and it doesn’t come in a pill or a powder or a potion! It is the power of your own mind to motivate and heal your body, and you can access it with 5 powerful affirmations for weight loss.

Fitness and weight loss are multi-billion dollar industries. Every day there is news of a new fad diet, a new supplement, or a new fitness plan on the market. Many of them can work for you, but for lasting and permanent success with your weight goals you need an ingredient that is missing from virtually all weight loss programs.

Many weight loss options promise quick results, and many claim little effort on your part. The choices are so overwhelming that it is difficult to know where to turn for help or to know what works.

A little secret about weight loss affirmations

Weight loss affirmations are a powerful and proven way of reprogramming your mind. The success or failure of any lifestyle change lies in the ability to remain positive and firmly committed to making that change. Positive weight loss affirmations have the effect of counteracting the negative messages we receive every day and help us to stay on track to reach our fitness and health goals.

In the same manner that you are what you eat, you are what you think as well. Our thoughts have a powerful influence on our moods and actions. If you dwell on feeling down, your posture will soon begin to mimic your thoughts, causing you to hang your head and slump your shoulders.

Words have that power as well. The right words can have the affect of infusing you with new energy and commitment. Weight loss affirmations have a major influence on our mindset, especially at the most critical stages of our quest for optimal health. At the onset of a new regimen of diet and exercise, when we reach that inevitable plateau, and after we reach our fitness goals, weight loss affirmations encourage us to make a lasting change.

A positive affirmation can provide the impetus we need to walk an extra mile today or pass over that piece of cheesecake in favor of something healthier.

A weight loss affirmation can be something as simple as looking in the mirror every morning and saying “Today I am going to make the choice to eat healthy.” Here are 5 powerful affirmations for weight loss to help put you on the road to better health and fitness.

  • “I love healthy foods. They are satisfying and fulfilling.”
  • “Every step I take brings me closer to my goals.
  • “Minor setbacks are just a motivation to succeed.”
  • “Right now I am at my best physically, mentally, and emotionally.”
  • “I have complete control over what I eat, what I do, and how I feel.”
  • “Exercise and healthy eating make me feel and look my best every day.”

You can develop your own affirmations. Use positive, action words, and keep it in the present tense. Say your affirmations out loud, with conviction, and let your body language match your words. This is especially important during the times when you are feeling discouraged. It will also keep you on track to write down your affirmations and leave them as little reminders to yourself.

The key to lasting weight loss and healthier living isn’t going to be found in some quick fix or passing fad. The key to a healthier lifestyle is in making the right choices – exchanging bad habits for good ones, and it starts in your own mind.

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