You may not be aware of this, but you subconsciously repeat to yourself a number of affirmations every day. They are called “self-talk” and are what you say in your mind. Some of these affirmations are positive, such as “I can do this” and “I will get an A on this test,” but, unfortunately, many of them are also negative, such as “I can’t do this” or “I’ll never stay on this diet.” By utilizing wealth affirmations for prosperity you can engage your conscious and subconscious minds to support all your success goals.

In fact, self-talk and inner dialogue belong to our everyday stream of affirmations; they make up our beliefs, which are thought patterns developed through childhood, social interaction, religious upbringing, and education.

How Affirmations for Wealth Work

Affirmations are based on how the subconscious uses learned behavior patterns, which are typically governed by our survival instincts. For example, you may have learned to turn your back in an argument because you might not win, don’t feel confident that what you have to say will matter, or are afraid you will get hurt. These are affirmations—and, it is fair to say, they are negative.

Positive affirmations are positive statements that are used to replace negative beliefs. For example, if you typically turn your back in a verbal confrontation, you can simply say to yourself, “I feel confident and in my power” or “I am secure within myself regardless of his words.” Many people use positive affirmations to help them maintain good health, happiness, and career success.

Everyone can benefit from positive wealth affirmations because they can help you adjust your attitudes toward attaining your money and wealth goals and maintaining a positive outlook.

Daily Affirmations for Wealth Are Not Just for Millionaires

Here are seven positive wealth affirmations that, by saying them to yourself every day, can help you reach the income and success you desire.

• I naturally make smart investments.

Whatever you invest your money in today will have an effect on your income tomorrow. Think carefully and research all angles before investing your money in a product, stock, policy, automobile, or home. The first smart investment that pays off will trigger a pattern of smart investing to follow.

I create and achieve my goals and dreams.

This wealth affirmation will help you alleviate feelings of insecurity and self-doubt, which will sabotage your positive work if we let them. This affirmation will help you create self-confidence and belief in what you can do.

• I imagine and see myself financially free by (fill in date).

Nothing works better for accomplishing a goal than setting a date in which you achieve that goal. Though you are living in the moment, nothing is stopping you from planning ahead, putting dates on a calendar, and calculating to the penny when you will be financially independent.

I automatically attract money in abundance.

You need to believe that money wants you just as much as you want money. When you get a dollar in your hands, you must believe that it is there for a reason, no matter where it comes from. You must believe that you deserve to have money just as much as anybody else. These affirmations for wealth activate the forces of destiny to bring financial opportunities to you.

I give thanks for my prosperity and abundance.

Now that you believe you will attract wealth, you also must develop gratitude for this wealth. Feel blessed for your wealth; give thanks to all who have helped you achieve your success. You will feel good about yourself, and others will feel good about you.

I achieve financial abundance with honesty.

This affirmation goes hand and hand with the last two wealth affirmations. If you have earned your wealth through duplicity, you are never truly going to feel good about yourself, no matter how many BMWs and beach homes you can afford. If you are not operating from integrity you will tend to undermine your best efforts.

I am committed to becoming wealthy.

This may be the most important affirmation. If you are not committed to taking action to become wealthy, no matter how many affirmations you make each day, you won’t be getting very far. This affirmation requires that you do whatever is necessary with your time and energy to create and attract opportunities and success. It will help to picture yourself living the life of luxury. Imagine yourself staying in a four star hotel on your dream vacation or sailing your boat along the Riviera. This kind of visualization is a powerful motivator to enhance your daily affirmations to attract wealth and prosperity.

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