Why It Is Important to Find Your Soul

Years ago I wondered if I really had a soul, and if that were true what exactly is it? After reading about what other people said about the soul and being woefully disappointed with people’s speculations, I decided to make it my meditation priority until I discovered it for myself.

If you want to see what is commonly reported about the soul check out the Wikipedia article on the soul. You’ll quickly see why I was disappointed with what is usually said about the soul…lots of ideas, but little practical help.

After meditating and exploring the subtle realms for more than two years with the single goal of soul discovery, I realized that the nature of the soul is the most important and fundamental subject we could ever come to know.

I ran across a quote by Alice Bailey from more than 100 years ago about the soul that said all spiritual healing is done by the soul. This intrigued me and I found it is a vital insight into our spiritual evolution. In other words, we evolve spiritually not by acquiring more information, but by merging with the wisdom and qualities of the soul. Your soul is the key to your consciousness transformation and enlightenment.

From that realization, I dedicated myself to the soul merge process and discovered that everything we want to evolve into is accessed through the soul. As a result, I started guiding people into merging with their soul in my private sessions and recorded some major elements of the process in my Soul Merge program.

If you’ve been searching for answers to accelerating yourself on your spiritual path, keep reading.

Did You Know You Are a Soul?

Your soul is you once you’ve cleared away the surface illusions of your ego-based personality. It is what you are at the core. It is also called your true self but it is buried under many sub-personalities composed of layers of beliefs, wants, and needs.

The strength of the ego is so gripping and pervasive that most people have no idea what their soul offers them. When you merge and integrate your soul into your everyday consciousness, you discover it is the most powerful resource for bringing you all the positive gifts you’ve dreamed of and wished for.

When you complete the full merger with the highest awareness of the soul, you dissolve all negative ego and reach enlightened consciousness.

What I discovered in my determined dedication to soul discovery is that it takes time to experience your connection with your soul and to access all it offers. For the first several weeks of my meditations, attempting to find and experience the soul was disappointing. I kept requesting the soul to reveal itself, but there was nothing to report.

Finally, after a month of spending hours each day searching for the soul I noticed a sense of presence. It’s a little difficult to explain what that was like but I can give you an analogy. If your eyes were closed and someone walked up close to you, you’d sense their presence. My early soul connections were a little like that.

After more months of soul meditations I came to realize the many gifts the soul has to offer. Most of the qualities you admire in saints and enlightened beings is the nature of the soul itself. What this means is as you integrate the soul more into your conscious experiences you will also automatically find that you become more peaceful, calm, loving, happy, generous, compassionate, and heart-centered. I put emphasis on the word “automatic” because you don’t even have to struggle or work to develop any of those characteristics.

The fact is the soul is the key to attaining enlightenment and ascension. You won’t succeed without a deep soul integration.

Merging with your soul creates a shift in consciousness that creates an attractor field around you that draws people and circumstances to support you. It is also your greatest healing resource that can lead to the highest clearings, transformations, and realizations. It is your source of inspiration and intuition. It clears away confusion and gives you reliable guidance. It is the source of the divine voice within because it is your interface with all higher consciousness connections. This all happens automatically because the nature of the soul is pure unconditional love, kindness, peacefulness, joyfulness, fulfillment, and happiness. It is the solution to fulfilling all forms of lack in your life.

So now you can begin to realize why I’m so excited about your soul discovery. I have witnessed the most amazing turn arounds in people’s lives once they embody their soul.

If you’ve read my book, The Soul Solution, you have more details on how to deepen into your soul discovery process. There are some free guided soul meditations  – (just click on that link). You’ll have to enter the code: SoulfilledHeart to access them.

Also, my Soul Solution Journeys audio program will take you even deeper into your soul self-discovery.

You will discover:

• How to Connect with the Soul – Your Doorway to Divinity
• The Nature of the True Self & False Self
• How to Clear Layers of Ego Issues
• Your True Mission in Life
• How to Be Mindful all the Time
• How to Activate Transformations with the Soul
• Self-Discovery is Soul-Discovery and Self-Realization
• The Experience of Merging with The Soul’s Deep Love
• Higher Realms of Consciousness
• How to Deepen the Soul’s Presence into Everyday

Your Key to An Enlightened Life

I have found a way to shorten the time for you to reach clear and enlightened states. The process does not need to take lifetimes or even one entire lifetime. You can reach clear and enlightened awareness in a few years. I know you’d probably like it to be faster, but you’ve invested yourself so deeply in limiting beliefs and illusions over lifetimes that it takes awhile to dismantle them.

Your spiritual evolution is tied to the degree you complete clearing away the distortions you’ve lived with and embrace your soul’s truth. The more completely that is done, the quicker the enlightening event will spontaneously occur.

Passive forms of meditating on transcendence, peacefulness, non-duality, or mantras can certainly put you in beautiful states, but you are not likely to eliminate the blocks and obstacles to full ego dissolution and enlightenment. That is why many who have meditated for decades have not attained the levels they have been seeking.

What Merging with Your Soul Can Do For You

Merging with your soul is your key to permanently clearing all causes of negativity and raising your consciousness to sublime spiritual levels.

As you merge with your soul here is some of what you can expect to experience:

• Moods and Negative Reactions Disappear
• You Automatically Feel Happy and Joyful…All The Time
• Your Mind Becomes Quiet
• You Become more Creative
• You Automatically Become More Loving and Loveable
• You’ll Be More Understanding and Tolerant of Others
• Very Deep Peacefulness Overtakes You
• You Feel Spiritually Inspired and Divinely Connected
These benefits are just to “wet your appetite.” The experience is rich beyond description.

What Else the Soul Can Do For You

As far back as ancient cultures, mystics, shamans, and sages have said the ultimate purpose of the soul is to help you achieve Buddha-nature, Enlightenment, Heaven, Christ-Consciousness, Moksha, Illumination, or Oneness.

This is often called home or returning to our true nature beyond the limiting ego that is driven to control, manipulate, and fear life. When you feel a deep soul connection you’ll feel like you have finally found your true home. You will be comforted and feel complete. Prior to your soul merging, you feel like something is missing and are ever in an endless search to discover what it is. The irony is that the answers you seek have been with you all the time.

How to Find Your Soul

While your soul is always with you, it is obscured and blocked out of your everyday awareness. To discover the soul and experience all it offers you need to address and clear the causes that block this realization. Your blocks are your fixed and limiting beliefs, your emotional triggers and reactions, and the many distorted perceptions and conclusions you’ve come to about your past.

To discover your soul you need to pay attention to all of your thoughts and reactions. This can be a tedious process over months and years as you have accumulated so many assumptions and distortions that you convinced yourself are truth. When you believe something is true you will defend those beliefs. You’ll argue with those who challenge them, and in some cases conclude others are wrong. Therefore, if you are serious about your spiritual evolution you have to start with a foundation that everything you have believed to be true, may, in fact, be false or at least a distortion.

The Best Place to Start is Centering in Your Heart

Your heart is your doorway to the soul, and learning to deeply merge into this access portal is where you will make the connection with your soul essence. This must be done in a meditative state in order to bypass the distractions of the analytical mind.

It may seem easier to continue your life as you have been living because the ego resists change, but the only way to evolve and find fulfillment and peace is by merging with your soul. Take advantage of the resources I have created to help you. They will save you years of trial and error working on your own.

My Soul Merge program is a good place to start.

Also, my Soul Solution Journeys program will take you even deeper.

If you would like me to help you personally, contact me to schedule a series of phone sessions. I am able to accelerate your clearing right over the phone and most people feel a difference after the first session.

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