5 Ways Your Ego-Controlled Mind Tricks You

For your entire life, your mind has been under the control of a complex program that has one mission: your safety and security.

That sounds like a really good thing, right? But wait…

Everything the ego-controlled mind does is rooted in the survival of it’s identity and it is in fear of anything that it thinks might threaten it.

The ego-controlled mind continually searches for reasons it lives in emotional pain, frustration, anger, and fear, yet it is unable to find an explanation of why it continually ends up suffering over and over.

Because the ego-controlled mind is integrated throughout your thinking and feelings, you usually don’t realize that it is the cause of sabotaging your success, love, peace, and happiness.

How to Break Free from the Ego-Controlled Mind

To begin taking the ego-controlled mind apart in order to reveal your deep core truth you must start with being open-minded enough to question, challenge, and change your perceptions, beliefs, and reactions.

That takes humility to admit you have been wrong with many of your points of view. That is one of the most difficult shifts in consciousness for a person can do. However, it is also the only way you will ever evolve!

Why is This so Difficult?

Because your beliefs are the foundation of your goals, desires, and needs. Your beliefs form the orientation of how you think and treat others. In other words, your beliefs shape your life and the guide the choices you make. To change your beliefs and outlook shakes your being to the core and requires a complete reevaluation of what to base your life on. That is upsetting to the security of the status quo.

Admitting you have been wrong is not only difficult; it can also be painful because it undermines your safety and stability. It projects uncertainty and challenges your self-image.

But listen…admitting your beliefs have been wrong is one of the greatest acts you could ever undertake because it is what enables you to evolve to the next level of consciousness waiting for you. And, it is really the only way to do it.

Being Asleep in this Context is Not What you do at night

Being asleep is a mental posture ignoring or in denial of higher consciousness perspectives. This takes enough curiosity to spend time in self-examination by asking yourself questions like, “Is what I believe to be true leading me to the happiness and fulfillment I am seeking?” “Is my life moving forward in positive and evolving ways?” “Am I fulfilling my purpose in pursuit of truth?” “Am I truly willing to let go of my most cherished beliefs in order to discover deeper truths?”

So, do you think you are awake? Exactly how open-minded are you? Are you willing and actively examining all of your beliefs to be sure you are moving in positive directions?

Maybe, you are in a limbo state between truth and illusions, reality and unreality, fact and fiction. That is probably the case because a large portion of what you have been taught since birth has been filtered through a maze of misinformation and partial truths. You have been unaware of this because you accepted a lot of perspectives as factual, but those conclusions were based on a lot of assumptions.

5 Ways Your Mind Tricks You to Stay Asleep

1. I Need Anger to Protect Me from Being Mistreated

The reason you seem to automatically get angry is your ego-controlled mind believes that is a way to keep you safe and win. It started when you were a child and you threw tantrums over not getting what you wanted, only to motivate the adults to give you what you wanted to stop the tantrum. As you grew older you discovered that getting upset and raising your voice caused others to submit. You can see this played out every day in the nightly news by activists, rioters, and crusaders yelling for their causes.

The problem with this approach is that it doesn’t get the end results people are hoping for. Anger keeps you diverted from healthy solutions because anger breeds more anger, arguments, and is ultimately self-defeating and destructive. The opposite of anger does elevate you to the experiences in life you do want: peace, love, cooperation, and kindness. Everything responds to love and peace which are self-replicating and self-fulfilling.

Being able to respond with those positive traits takes being self-aware of your motivations and why you respond the way you do. If someone challenges your beliefs and criticizes and blames you, you might think it is natural to respond with anger, but that derives from the ego-controlled mind and not from your soul essence.

2. Fear is My Most Effective Self-Preservation Technique

Fear is designed to keep you far away from anything threatening or dangerous, but it can also cause you to make irrational choices or “freeze.” The freeze response is like a deer in the headlights where it doesn’t know what to do or which way to move. This reaction actually puts you in greater danger.

Your fear response is where stress and anxiety are rooted over circumstances that usually aren’t even particularly threatening, but the ego-controlled mind extrapolates and exaggerates what it imagines could happen. Fear can obstruct your mind from seeking answers that lie outside of your comfort zone. Most fears are about what is unknown and in the future and therefore not currently real. The fear response is attempting to keep you safe, but it usually also prevents you from moving forward, evolving, or making healthy choices.

Fear is the primary operating system of the ego-controlled mind and it can be replaced by integrating your soul into the fear programs. In fact, that is ultimately the only solution.

3. Spiritual Practices Lead to Happiness and Fulfilling My Purpose.

While there is certainly nothing intrinsically wrong with spiritual practices and they are often helpful, they can become ends within themselves. You may find yourself dedicated to particular types of ceremonies, postures, methods, and traditions which can become traps keeping you where you are rather than facilitating your evolution.

Defining what a spiritual person is holds images of what they look like. So you may think of monks, priests, nuns, shamans, yogis, and gurus. New Agers might add crystals, incense, tarot card readings, chakra balancing practices, chanting, ascension meditations, and psychics. Those are all outer forms based on what groups and individuals have decided define spirituality.

All the spiritual practices make you feel like you are doing something on the right spiritual path and breakthroughs are getting close, but you usually end up chasing an elusive “carrot at the end of a stick.”
In reality, what you are seeking is already within you in your soul. The challenge comes from the ego-controlled mind which has no clue how to make the connection with your soul below the many mind-created layes of conclusions, beliefs, desires, conditionings, and accumulated history from your entire past.

And while all of the spiritual practices can be beneficial, they are not what make you spiritual. As you evolve your consciousness your next level of awakening will never be what you think it will be because the ego-controlled mind has no idea of what spirituality is. The ego-controlled mind speculates based on what it has read, heard, or seen and that all arises from the world of the senses. Spiritual evolution is a matter of consciousness level rather than the realm of thinking and speculating.

Your mission in this life is to evolve your consciousness to sustained and automatic unconditional love. Everything else is what your mind makes up. This is facilitated by meditative attention on your heart center and holding your attention on merging with your soul and divine presence. You can start doing that right now.

4. Pain Leads to Pleasure and Fulfillment

Often when a person is on a spiritual path they believe they are being presented with trials and tribulations to perfect their character so they can evolve spiritually. They may be challenged so severely they speak of suffering a dark night of the soul. Sometimes those circumstances do lead to awakening, but more often they lead to confusion, discouragement, and on-going suffering which keeps them spiritually asleep.

Some even become invested in their stories of righteous suffering and enjoy talking about it. Why? Because they feel the suffereing is evidence they are spiritually evolving. However, once again that is the ego-controlled mind trying to figure out why it is in pain and justifying it. You do not need to suffer pain, loss, or lack to evolve spiritually. In fact, the opposite is true. Anything negative or painful are indicators of the ego-controlled mind’s programs shouting at you to clear them.

5. My Past and Other People Are the Causes of My Suffering

The ego-controlled mind is constantly analyzing and concluding what causes pain and suffering. It often projects blame onto itself or others to explain why it suffers.

The ego-controlled mind is a searching mechanism. It is forever trying to find answers and in the process it forms erroneous conclusions such as: It thinks it needs more things to feel secure. It needs more love to feel worthwhile. It needs a different physical appearance to be confident. It needs others to like it to feel self-acceptance. It needs more success to feel fulfilled.

By now you can realize the insanity of living with those motivations, and yet that is the primary way the ego-controlled mind operates.

Now, What do You do About This?

There is one solution that is as close to you as your breath and heartbeat…your soul. Your soul has always been with you waiting patiently for you to call to it, integrate it into your everyday experiences, and discover it is what you have been searching for all along. Nothing external can give you the answers and solutions. Your life journey is a process of discovering what already lives within you. What appears to be your evolution is actually a peeling away of the conclusions and projections of the ego-controlled mind, to reveal the truth that has been present throughout your history.

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