Most views of spirituality include the belief that every human being has a soul which by it’s nature is spiritual and immortal. The soul is something that many sense they have, but which they may think or know little about.

Some traditions refer to the soul as the True Self because it is said that the soul is who we really are. Others refer to the soul as our higher self or our divine nature, but any explanation or description of the soul is not going to come from objective means or scientific scrutiny since the soul is not physical. For this reason alone, pragmatic individuals say the soul is just a figment of a person’s imagination, and yet there are many who claim to have a direct experience with the soul.

Where is The Soul?

If we say that the soul is our true inner nature than what of the many distasteful traits we often observe? The explanation lies in the fact that we are complex beings with many layers to our personality which present themselves like a multitude of masks overlaying our true core. The very derivation of the word personality is rooted in the Latin and Greek words for mask. If you want to discover what is your soul you must look beneath the surface you see and delve into an inner journey of meditative exploration.

In the East personality aspects are called Koshas meaning sheaths or coverings. These characteristics are like filters on a light which radiate various colors and textures. In the case of soul they not only overlay our soul, but they also disguise our true nature. For the most part your soul is not what you think or imagine it is. It’s very nature lies beyond your normal frames of reference.

What we think of as our personality is really an assemblage of many sub-personalities each with particular characteristics which can be mistaken for whom we think we are. It is easy to think that because we feel or think a certain way this is who and what we are. In fact, we generally define ourselves by our external characteristics when in reality the soul presence is not driven to operate by the same mechanisms that comprise our surface identities. To answer what is your soul you must go deeper.

The deeper one goes passing through the many layers of personality characteristics the more they come to their intrinsic self or authentic self. When the connection is made with the soul the peaceful feelings that arise reveal the aspect of the self that is transcendent and above the everyday stress, judgments, and emotions that occupy us.

How Do We Access Our Soul?

In order to access this deep aspect of who we are it requires quieting the busy analytical mind and delving into the deeper recesses of consciousness. This is not really a difficult task, and, in fact, it is one which most people have already experienced in degrees. When you are relaxed and peaceful and feeling safe and reflective you have touched on what I am describing. When you feel the openness and joy of holding a baby in your arms, or you become lost in beautiful music, or you are elevated by an encompassing scene in nature, you are touching what I am referring to.

This is a practice which can be refined and in the process the masks dissolve and the deeper soul traits emerge.

What Are Your Masks Made of?

The outermost layers covering your soul and who you really are consists of the characteristics related to your physical body. It is natural to form much of your self-image based on the physical characteristics you see reflected in the mirror. However, this includes more than your shape and size and extends into your desires, needs, wants. and drives. In addition, your psychological self and your judgments and emotions contribute a great deal to who and what you think you are.

These outer characteristics often seem to be automatic and beyond our control. We may feel driven by food, safety, sex, sleep, and acquiring and fulfilling needs, but while they may seem to define us, these instincts, needs, and desires derive from our biology, memories, and beliefs and they can be confusing on a journey to discover your soul.

What is Your Soul Like?

At a deeper level we find the nature of the true self revealed. At this level there is no struggle, stress, or conflict. Instead, you find peace, happiness, harmony, joyfulness, fulfillment, and completion embodied in a radiant glowing essence of love and light. When this core is reached it is known and felt as tangibly and really as any other experience. It is not a psychologically induced state. Rather it is a direct realization and experience that is transformational. 

The more you practice attuning to your inner reality and truth, the more it emerges into your everyday life. It changes your perceptions and the way you experience others. It enriches relationships, and has a harmonizing effect on all aspects of your life. My book on this subject will guide you much deeper. It is titled, “The Soul Solution” and you can get it through most book sellers. I also have an audio program titled, “Soul Solution Journeys” that will take you into your own wonderful experiences with your soul. I wish you well on your journey.

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