Billions of us walk the earth wondering why the earth is being destroyed and why there is so much conflict and war…

And why is it so difficult to love our enemies? Do you feel love for those who inflicted their violence on innocent people in Paris recently?

Loving your enemies doesn’t come easy for most. It’s difficult to love those people who seek to defeat or harm us.

Many would go so far as to say that it’s just not possible, impractical or idealistic to to love all unconditionally as Jesus and so many others have directed us to do. You know the command he gave us to…”Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them that despitefully use you…”

But how on Earth do you do that?

It’s natural to think the problems are “out there”. But when we realize that what is outside actually starts inside, transformation of our whole planet can happen.

Now, how do you go about loving your enemies? In order to love your enemies you must begin by first looking within and make some deep inner soul connections.

No words can ever completely capture what love is. And the meaning of love is not a sentimental thing that we talk about or an emotional something else…

Real love has a reverence that expands to a feeling that all life is sacred and to be cherished, and it transforms your inner and outer world.

When you rise to the level of real love, you will…

*Attract friendly, supportive people into your life
*Laugh more easily
*Feel lighter and uplifted
*Communicate your feelings easier


*Your luck will seem to change–good things start to happen when your heart is open
*Relationships will seem easier and less of a struggle
*Finances will improve and become automatic
*Your life will become a pleasure rather than a struggle

The events in Paris remind me of the power of love. Jesus discovered it centuries ago. Gandhi of India discovered it as well… Love is the way.

The world is changing and you can be a vital contributor to healing our wounded planet. As you shift your consciousness to higher states of love, you contribute to a “field effect” that lifts those around you and spreads out like a ripple that encircles the Earth.

To support you to live at this level of love, I’ve created my most comprehensive audio program on LOVE. You owe it to yourself to discover how this program can open you to the healing and transformative power of love. Discover LOVE here.

From the heart,

P.S. If we want make this old world a new world we must make the heart (again) the seat of consciousness and unconditional love. Only then will life start to make sense. 

Discover Love

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