Most people that work privately with me do so because they are serious about transforming Ego into Soul. They feel stuck with their psychological pain and want to tap into their heart, or their individualized expression of spirit.

Take Jim, one of my newest students who is a young banker on Wall Street. His post-graduate college enthusiasm has been buried under loads of struggle, stress, depression, and health problems.

It’s difficult to be in touch with the higher part of yourself when your time is devoted to making sure that someone else loses. He tells me he feels lost and disconnected from life.

He came to me because he desperately wanted to plug into his heart so he feels aligned and connected with his soul…his source of vitality, aliveness and beingness. But he had no idea how to make that happen or where to begin. Maybe you are feeling that way now.

Keep in mind, no matter how deep your darkness, suffering is still optional

What if I told you there’s a way to plug back into that inner source that can guide you toward the light? …the one that you’ve been ignoring for most of your life…

Maybe like Jim, you don’t know how.

Soul Journeys is a course for you if you’ve ever felt disconnect from your vitality and aliveness. If you are ready to plug back into this magical universe and reconnect with your soul, and open your heart.

From the heart,

And just for the record your Soul Solutions Journey meditation course is so  ridiculously good-profound-life changing, I can’t thank you enough for creating it. ~Julie T., San Francisco

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