Soul Healing
by Jonathan Parker

I vividly remember a frantic father calling me from children’s hospital in Los Angeles saying his new born baby was dying and the doctors were going to try a risky operation.

I really felt this father’s plight, being a father myself, and I immediately sat down, and began a remote healing on the baby. I visualized the baby was right before me.

Then I began communicating with the baby’s soul and filling the baby with healing light.

Four hours later the father called me again to say that as the doctor and nurses were wheeling the baby into the operating room when the doctor noticed the baby was no longer having difficulty breathing and color was returning to him.

The father related to me how the doctor observed the baby return from near death to a healthy state in fifteen minutes and was discharged later that day. The father reported that the doctor said they had all witnessed a miracle.

I don’t think of myself as the one actually doing the healing. I always ask for divine help, and I see myself more as a catalyst that helps facilitate the energy shifts with the soul’s light.

Since this light is really the reconnection to one’s soul, anyone can do it.  What triggers the process is knowing about it.  Once you know about it, you can begin to have your soul reveal itself to you by acknowledging it and meditating on it.

The soul then automatically begins making changes in a person’s life.  As this beautiful inner light emerges more and more, it helps a person to heal, clear and awaken to deep spiritual truths within.

To really understand the soul I believe the soul must be experienced.

The Soul Solution is the book I wrote to guide you into your own experiences of healing and awakening to your soul.

And the overall objective is for  you to arrive at a place where you have a sustained deep peace, love, and fulfillment. And that is where “The Soul Solution” comes in because those are natural states of the soul.

Whether you know it or not, your soul is the most powerful resource you have, yet it can only create and direct your life when you have cleared your ego blocks and limiting beliefs.

I want this for you!

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