Because everything was created with a force of free will, it takes a measure of choice and will to acknowledge and release all attachment to what was created,…That’s why the ego doesn’t just disappear automatically if we merely ask it to. 

We are powerful creators and when you put the force of your will and intention into a choice or decision to live through an ego trait or defense you empower it with a tremendous persistent creative force. 

To switch to letting go of what you have previously invested greatly in creating takes time, attention, choices, and deep surrendering every aspect of yourself that sustains the pain or struggle.

And there is a hidden bonus in the surrender process.  When you reach a state of surrender you are not holding, judging, reacting or resisting anything, and therefore there is no part of you holding or creating karma

Notice that Surrender can be a process or a state of being.  At first you practice surrendering the causes and effects in your life.  That is the surrender process.  You may say, “I surrender all my struggling.”  And you may feel some relief.  The practice of surrender eventually leads you to a state of surrender.

The practice of surrender is the place where you begin learning about what it means to surrender.  It is important at this stage to make surrendering an ongoing practice because there are many things in the blind spots, out of conscious awareness, or which you may even be in denial of, and it takes time for them to come to conscious awareness so they can be acknowledged and let go. 

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