How to Clear the Ego.

Have you ever looked in a mirror and asked yourself, “Who am I?” Your answers to that question say a lot about how you define yourself and what has shaped your life. I can think of no more important a question to find answers to, otherwise you go through life like an automaton seeking and pursuing but never knowing why, when all the time it requires you to clear the ego.

This article will help you not only in better understanding yourself, but also show you a method to further your enlightenment journey and consciousness evolution by helping you clear the ego.

At the core, there is only one way for you to spiritually evolve and that is directly related to the degree you clear the ego. To do that you need to know what the ego is and then fully integrate all of it with the soul’s presence. This process is directly dependent on your ability to let go completely of every ego component. More on that later.

First, you need to recognize there are two major aspects to your identity. The most obvious identification is with your personality which in spiritual terms is your ego-personality. The ego has a number of characteristics that are important for you to recognize so you know what needs to be cleared, healed, or neutralized.

Why You Need to Clear the Ego

The ego is a very complex collection of many thousands of thoughtforms that function like programs in a computer causing you to think and react in often self-defeating ways. Because the ego is composed of so many sub-parts it cannot be swept away with a broad brush. To clear the ego it must be dismantled piece by piece until a certain critical mass is reached when the ego spontaneously disintegrates. The problem is there is no way to anticipate how long or when that will occur. I can only assure you that it will if you are persistent in addressing the components of the ego until it happens.

The second aspect of who you are is your soul which is also your true self; the ego being a false self created by the mind which operates only through the physical senses. Below are some important characteristics of the ego which like the captain of a ship steers your life.

10 Major Ego Characteristics That Sabotage You

1. The ego is a collection of conclusions and beliefs warehoused over lifetimes.

2. The ego is a survival mechanism wanting safety, security, and immortality. It pursues these goals by continuously accumulating more of everything that causes it to feel more safe. This can include money, of course, but also more of what money can buy. Perhaps the strongest ego drive is for control. The force driving the need for control is fear of being out of control. Hence, fear is the ultimate and deepest driving force of the ego. The ego never concludes it has enough for absolute safety and security, so no matter what a person has there will always be a sense that something is missing and there is therefore a need for more.

3. The ego is composed of three primary components: beliefs, emotional reactions, and pictures of memories. These are all mostly in operation below conscious awareness which creates the perception that what happens to you seems to arise spontaneously out of nowhere.

4. Physical possessions only bring limited satisfaction for a short time. This causes the ego to seek something else as soon as the excitement or satisfaction of acquiring something wears off; usually in a few days or weeks. The ego has a continuous feeling there is something missing or it doesn’t have enough so it keeps searching for more and acquiring all it can.

5. The ego identifies itself with what it has accumulated. This gives rise to talking about my car, my wife, my husband, my child, my house, my degrees and certificates, my opinions, etc. The ego loves ownership accumulations to foster a false sense of security derived from the possessions.

6. The ego thinks it has many wants and needs. For instance, it will think, “I need more control. I need more money. I need more talent. I need more information.” One big problem with this characteristic it the ego never arrives at a place where it is satisfied for any length of time. It can relentlessly drive you in pursuit of more of what it thinks it needs, and it is insatiable.

7. The ego feels incomplete and believes something is missing. Hence, it is continually on a mission to find something it doesn’t have in the hopes what it acquires will give it more happiness.

8. In order to feel more safe and secure the ego seeks more power. It can equate fame and fortune as a means to greater power, but it will also seek recognition through knowledge, college degrees, belonging to groups, excelling in sports, trophies, certificates, and names on lists of important people.

9. The ego loves to criticize, complain, and blame. Each of these characteristics derives from a need to be right. When the ego is blamed or criticized it interprets that as vulnerably and an attack that is threatening to it’s security, so it attacks with criticism and blame.

10. All of the ego characteristics listed above once identified can be dismantled and eventually eliminated. However because these qualities have been reinforced for many lifetimes, in order to clear the ego it takes a relentless spirit, patience, and dedication to clearing practices.

The Key to Clear the Ego

Complete letting go is called surrender which all religions talk about, but they rarely explain what it means or how to do it. Something magical happens when you master surrender: Divine intelligence and shifts in consciousness take effect as the dissolution of the ego progressively continues until complete.

Face the darkness which is characteristic of the ego with the soul’s light, and you can observe as the light dismisses the darkness. The presence of the soul is bright, strong, and comforting so invite more of it in, and let it melt all negative emotions, negative beliefs, and all resistance.

Notice that as you do this, the presence feels so much like home. It brings total comfort, safety, and support. Once you reach this point, you don’t do anything to make the shift happen except be present and receptive. Below are some surrender intentions to get you started. Once you have formulated your intentions, be open and receptive to all that surrender brings. Allow yourself to receive with no resistance.

Repeat these words to yourself:

I am willing to surrender and release the need for all struggling.
I am willing to surrender and release the need for pain and suffering.
I am fully in the peace and comfort of the soul’s presence.

Gateway to the Ego

Your heart center is the doorway to your soul and divine nature, and the solar plexus is a gateway to the ego. The reason for that is because it is where the third chakra is and where most people hold attachments and the need to control their life. The third chakra is the main place where fear, guilt, hate, anger, resentment, and poor self-image are processed and held. If you ever feel tightening in the abdomen, it may be because of fear-based resistance to letting go. The ego has been with you for so long that it resists any process that it perceives as threatening to its existence.

One interesting characteristic of the ego is that it will always let you know what it is wanting, needing, or afraid of. This is the ego’s cry for help and healing, but most aren’t listening or know what to do about it.

The ego will let you know its needs by triggering a response, or through your inner voice or mind chatter. If you ignore the ego’s plea for help or use a drug to suppress it, the pattern may seem to subside for awhile, but you can be sure it will keep finding ways to rise to the surface again in hopes you’ll eventually address it and clear the ego program. Your inner voices speak with the authority of the ego and as you refine questions to ask yourself, you will discover keys to dismantling the ego. Here is how you can access the ego’s programming through its voices:

  • Address the voices to understand them so that they can be released.
  • Talk to your pain and struggles and ask them to talk to you.
  • Ask them to tell you what they believe and what they want.
  • Ask them why they are there and if they would like to be healed.
  • Dialog with them much like you would a person that you are getting to know.

Don’t expect everything you hear to make sense because often it won’t, but it will give you insights into the views the ego holds and why it is holding them.

As you surrender your anger, resentment, guilt, and fear those ego sub-personalities melt from your awareness because they are not real. All of the components of the ego are mental constructs and not reality; although they can surely impact your life with pain causing you to be convicted they are real. If there were not a false underlying belief you would not have a negative ego. Therefore to dismantle and clear the ego, you need to annihilate its faulty beliefs. Here’s a way to do that:

1. Feel into the depth of the sub-personality [anger, resentment, guilt, fear]. Be aware of it. Feel it.
Just observe and allow the sensations to float to the surface and dissolve into the light. The light of presence is actually your soul and it is always with you. You might have known this intuitively or intellectually in the past, but you may not have fully realized it.

2. Now say the following words slowly to yourself either out loud or sub-vocally, but move your lips:

  • I surrender and release all need for the ego’s anger, resentment, guilt, and fear.
  • I am willing to surrender and release all holding.
  • I am fully open to receive divine presence.

3. As more of the ego’s sub-personalities dissolve, the voices and objections become fragmented and make even less sense until there is only quiet. Just keep observing, acknowledging, and surrendering. Let it happen. Keep surrendering into the process.

4. Allow yourself to explore any feelings of being hopeless, cut off, or abandoned and bring the light and soul presence to those feelings. Let the sensations and realizations of the light, which is the soul and Source intelligence, presence, and love, move into all the places where you were holding the negative feelings. Invite the presence in to surround you and feel its embrace.

You don’t have to try to make the light do anything. Just invite it in; it knows precisely where to go, what to do, and how to do it. It is like the sun shinning inside you and that sun is your soul. That is who you truly are.

5. Give the light permission to integrate into all areas of your life. Invite the soul’s light to flow into your work, into your relationships, and into everything that you say, think, and do. This process puts you into a state of mindfulness, and, in fact, dissolves anything that keeps you from being mindful, so it is effortless and automatic. This is your truth and how you discover it.

Keep inviting the process to continue and surrender to the process a little more each day. Once this process starts, it will continue until it arrives at completion. The soul and light were always there all the time, but you may have lived as though it were not there and didn’t exist. With this type of practice you will become more aware of it being present and what gifts it brings.

My Free Gift to You

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As the ego’s fears and needs merge with the light of truth in the soul presence, what was feared vanishes. I explore this much further and how to accomplish it in my book Handbook for Enlightenment & Ascension in the chapters on surrender and grace.

You must reach beyond your ego-dominated mind programs, because if you fail to do that, you will create more struggle and suffering. Your time has arrived to fully wake up to the forces shaping your life, and utilizing tools to clear away your ego obstacles and integrate the highest spiritual awareness possible.


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