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Bonus 1 – Soul Solution Meditations

Hours of Soul Solution Meditations in mp3 format from 5 chapters for an incredible immersion into soul discovery.

  • Chapter 1 – Journey to Meet Your Soul
  • Chapter 6 – Moving Beyond Fear
  • Chapter 8 – Releasing Fear at It’s Source
  • Chapter 10 – The Soul Healing Process
  • Final Chapter – Basking in Soul Light

Bonus 2 – The Soul Explorations Audio Program

This bonus includes:

  • 16-minute discussion
  • 20-minute guided meditation for clearing issues with The Soul Solution

Where did you come from? Where are you going? Who are you? Have you ever wondered if you have a soul? Soul Explorations is a free mp3 audio program by Jonathan Parker that helps you answer those questions and many others for yourself by leading you through the Soul Solution Method.

The soul is also called the True Self because it is the real you beneath the veneer of struggle and suffering, and it has the miraculous ability to eliminate what you don’t want in your life while helping you attract and create what you do want.

In this program Jonathan outlines the steps in the Soul Solution Method and then leads you through a meditation to open you to receive the love, light, and healing the soul brings to your everyday life.