You Have the Power to Heal

It all started when I was at the health food store in my mid-20s when I noticed a sign advertising energy-healing help for chronic issues. I had been feeling really tired with low energy so I decided to get some information on how my energy could be affected by my mind. The more research I did, the more it made sense that my deepest assumptions were actually contributing to the health of my body. What was surprising to me was the realization that it wasn’t even my conscious thoughts as much as what I held in my subconscious that was limiting my power to heal.

This seemed like a real mystery to me because back then this was all new to me and was a radical departure from all the science and psychology I had been studying in college. Since that time I’ve come a very long way in not only understanding the mind-body interaction and how it influences your power to heal, but also how we all hold invisible subtle-energy patterns called thoughtforms that work like programs dictating our lives.

You are either healing yourself every day or undermining your health every day. Your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions work either for your power to heal or against you. I discovered the amazing power to heal is your mind and especially your subconscious mind that has the power to heal you in so many ways!

Over the years, I’ve been very curious to find out how your mind can affect your body and how you can you heal yourself with the power of thoughts and beliefs. Through the power of your deepest thoughts, utilizing affirmations and meditation practices you can tap into the power to heal and improve your health in many ways.

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

As I was wrapping up my graduate school psychology program, Norman Cousins published a book titled Anatomy of an Illness that started a revolution in healing that included shifting one’s mindset into a positive outlook. At the same time, I was exploring how altered states could transform deep-seated beliefs resulting in life-changing transformations.

That was the time in my life when I was having radical discoveries through meditations and composed my best selling program Pathways to Mastership. When I say best selling that is not an exaggeration as more than 50,000 copies of that program have helped people transform their lives from the inside out. That program has more than three dozen guided meditation sessions addressing all the major aspects of life including spiritual healing.

You’re not alone in your battles to improve your health. All of us have the power to heal and improve our lives. It doesn’t matter what areas you need healing. All that matters is that you take action and do something about it!

Two Types of Healing

Often, people try to heal with conventional therapies but often leave out the important aspect of how the mind affects the body. I refer to conventional therapies as healing from the outside in, and clearing your mind of obstacles to your health as healing from the inside out. Both are important but for healing to be complete you need to incorporate healing from the inside out or conditions can return.

Here’s a simple example of what I mean by healing yourself from the inside out.

1) Visualize your cells like miniature suns radiating golden light and healthy and strong.
2) Believe that you have healed yourself now.
3) Get in touch with how great it feels to be healthy again!

This approach to healing utilizes the mind-body connection. This refers to fact that your mental and emotional states can have a significant influence on how you feel physically and how healthy you are in general. The mind-body connection been shown not only help people who suffer diseases but also boost the immune system and accelerate healing in general.

The underlying factors that cause all disturbances are composed of subtle energies. The subtle-energy content of your emotions and memories are stored in hidden places in your energy field and subconscious mind so you may not even be consciously aware of them, but they can all be cleared or re-contextualized into healthy patterns.

One key to understanding what happens is knowing how subtle-energy affects your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. You might think your thoughts are what create the subtle patterns, and while this is often true, the opposite is also true: the subtle-energy patterns affect your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings. The subtle patterns are thoughtforms composed of lifeforce energy that work like programs causing your thoughts and feelings. Your mind then takes that and forms conclusions and beliefs. The beliefs then direct the flow of your lifeforce creating self-fulfilling loops of replaying patterns.

How to Tap the Power to Heal from the Inside Out

The first part of any healing journey requires your attention to your inner space. That means being mindful of your thoughts and feelings. As soon as you become aware of what thoughts and beliefs are generating your emotions and health, you must acknowledge them and refute their control over you. Otherwise, they will keep you stuck in repeating conditions.

You do that by identifying the negative thoughts and programs. You may want to write them down as the more specific you can label them, the more specifically you can clear them and heal. By stopping what you are doing every hour and asking yourself some questions, it’s possible to identify your own deep belief patterns. This can be useful in understanding how you talk yourself into things or away from certain opportunities for success because of your self-talk.

A great first step towards improving your physical and mental health is becoming aware of how often you repeat thoughts over and over again. Ask yourself questions such as:

• How have I felt in the past hour?
• What have I thought about how I feel in the last hour?
• What do I believe about how I feel?
• What would a person believe to make them feel this way?
• Am I being kind or harsh to myself?
• How much do my thoughts affect the way that I feel about myself?
• What can I change in order for me not to think negative self-talk anymore?
• What do I believe I deserve?
• What would be a good thing to think to feel better?

To further activate your power to heal from the inside out, it is important that you establish positive thoughts that harmonize your mind-body connection. This will release natural wisdom and accelerate healing by giving yourself permission to think and do what’s needed. This is an important way on how you remove limiting beliefs and attitudes that interfere with natural healing intelligence, so you can heal faster from any injury or illness.

It’s time to put your mind and body on the offensive by being proactive in taking control of your thoughts and feelings! The miracle of self-healing is a journey that begins deep within. Healing affirmations, subliminals, visualizations, and inner scripting techniques are the tools you need to activate your inner healer! The healing audio programs I’ve created will guide you through vivid practices for healing from the inside out.

Your mind is your most powerful and amazing healing resource! What awaits you are miracles of self-healing through the connection between your deep thoughts, emotions, and your body. These healing programs will guide you step-by-step with vivid visualizations to colorfully imagine yourself healthy as well as guiding new inner mental scripts that empower health in deep parts of you where healing begins! I have assembled my best healing programs on one page so that those who need help with self-healing can find it all right here! Healing Programs.


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