I recently watched a really interesting program on a Nova TV show airing on PBS called The Fabric of the Cosmos: What is Space, and a profound new view of how the universe works was described. 

What is exciting about this model is it provides an explanation of how visualizations and positive affirmations can effectively create changes in a person’s life and many other baffling phenomena! 

Our current mathematical and scientific models of the universe indicate that the universe appears to be much like a hologram. The deduction from this model is that if the universe is a hologram, then we also must be hologram projections. The implications of this revelation are staggering.

I have summed up a few key points of the model below and outlined just how impactful this new perspective is on creating the life of your dreams. If you can find the program online, or feel compelled to order the DVD, I highly recommend watching it.

Brief Background

In 1983 a team of scientists led by physicist Alain Aspect conducted an experiment in which they discovered that subatomic particles are able to instantaneously affect each other regardless of the distance between them. This is called quantum entanglement, which means that the two particles are somehow entangled so that whatever happens to one particle also instantly happens to the other.  

It doesn’t matter if the particles are next to each other or at opposite ends of the universe. The website NewScientist.com reports that recent experiments at the University of Oxford led by physicists K Chung Lee with two diamonds have demonstrated that this happens at a macro level as well as with subatomic particles.

This has caused many to ponder the very nature of reality since Einstein’s theory postulates that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. Yet, we now have observational evidence that this is not so.

Another physicist named David Bohm explains that this phenomena is possible because the particles are not actually separate from each other. The fact that particles are in instantaneous connection with each other tells us that there is a deeper aspect to reality than what we have assumed.

In other words, the apparent separateness is an illusion masking the fundamental underlying reality that everything is an aspect of a unified whole.

In essence, the apparent appearance is actually a projection, which creates the appearance of separateness, space, and time which our brains selectively interpret as linear and three-dimensional. From this latest model of reality it appears that our experiences are actually a sequence of interpretative perceptions.


What is exciting about this is that this model provides an explanation of many other baffling phenomena that are often observed such as psychic phenomena and distant energy healing. Miraculous events can be understood as changes in the holographic projection of what we perceive to be reality. This model also offers an explanation of how visualizations and positive affirmations can effectively create changes in a person’s life.

As a person’s consciousness changes so does the nature of the hologram projection of reality.

This also explains why paranormal experiences and psychic abilities are not more common since, for most people, their thinking and beliefs do not allow for such things to take place. People’s minds are conditioned to believe and act as if their reality is disconnected. The only limitation is due to what we have been conditioned to believe is possible. In the holographic model of reality there are no limits to the ways in which the projection can be altered.

Moving Beyond Your Limitations 

For the past several decades I have observed and worked in and with the hologram model in person and through phone sessions with people all over the world. It is the only explanation I have seen that accounts for my ability to tune into people’s inner beliefs, emotions, memories, and consciousness, and to help them shift and clear the difficulties and issues instantaneously, regardless of the distance between us. Even though I have done over 30,000 sessions I am still amazed at being able to observe people changing in a matter of minutes!

Nearly all people have at least one area of their life in which they feel blocked, stuck, or limited. These are actually symptoms of ego identifications. As these perceptions are released and cleared there is a shift in consciousness to a new level of empowerment and spacious peacefulness. The challenge is that much of what causes the blocks, stuckness, or limitation is hidden from view. Often a person has no idea of how, when, or why they are trapped; they just know they are!

I have spent more than 30 years refining an ability to help people reach the release, opening, and freedom they are seeking. Now with the latest perspectives of quantum physics I have some explanation of how this is possible because what I do is truly a quantum leap beyond conventional therapies. It is a process of consciousness transformation which results in life-changing makeovers. You can read much more about this remarkable phone counseling session process here.  

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