Have you ever felt that your life is something that just happens and you have to take whatever life dishes out, be it good or bad? Have you felt helpless to control your destiny much like a leaf is tossed around as it rides on a breeze?

Life doesn’t have to be this way because there is a way to direct your lifeforce energies to take control of the direction your life takes. Do you want to know what your future holds for you? The best way to predict your future is to create it!  

It is a well recognized fact that your inner beliefs are the strongest creators of your outer reality. The reason this is so is because your inner beliefs are what generate your thoughts, emotions, and actions, and they create the inner vision you have of yourself.

The Inside Secrets Behind Creative Visualization Exercises 

Virtually everyone I have ever known thinks that there are areas in their life that are lacking. This perception then works like a program in the brain’s bio-computer to perpetuate the condition.

In the nineteen fifties a plastic surgeon named Maxwell Maltz introduced some of the ideas about how this works to the general public. He found that even though he did surgery on people to make them look better, when they looked in a mirror they still saw themselves as they did before the surgery. As an adjunct to his work as a surgeon, Dr. Maltz began to work with mind programming visualization techniques to change his patient’s beliefs, and he had amazing results. He found that by changing a person’s beliefs they would change their life, and he used visualization exercises to do it.

Why Beliefs are Hard to Change

Have you ever wondered why it is that change is so difficult and fleeting? The reason it is so challenging to change habits, attitudes, or limitations is that they have been ingrained in the subconscious portion of the mind. Virtually everyday you have many dozens of thoughts about he way you are or what your life is like, and every time you have a reaction to those thought you effectively re-energize the belief pattern. You might say for instance, “I sure wish I could be different, but I don’t seem to have what it takes. I guess it’s just not meant to be.”

The first part of that sentence comes from the conscious mind expressing a desire, but the commentary comes from the subconscious limiting belief that you shouldn’t have it, are not mean to have it, or you are incapable of having it. That subconscious commentary is strengthened every time you allow it to pass through your mind or you think or say the words. This is why most people feel trapped and helpless to escape their situations.

Beliefs are a tricky thing to contemplate because we believe that what we believe is true, and yet we are continually changing our beliefs. You certainly don’t believe the same things you did ten or twenty years ago and you are not likely to believe the same things months and years from now that you do today. Yet, most people feel threatened about changing their beliefs. People tend to feel most comfortable and safe with the status quo; when things stay as they are. However, our lives are always in a state of change and what is important to know is that not only is that not threatening, but it is actually very good news because it means we can take control of our destiny.

How Visualization Exercises Work

Creative visualization is a process of using your imagination to focus on the outcomes you desire. It is what Dr. Maltz used to help his patients transform their self-image, and it is what most successful athletes use to refine their performances. In addition, it is also the most powerful tool there is for bringing about transformative results in your life. You must be able to envision yourself succeeding before you are able to achieve lasting success. This is what great business successes, artists, scientists, and other successful people have in common. Every accomplishment or creation had to first be an image in someone’s mind. So to have success visualization exercises are the single most important skill to help you attain it.

Successful visualization techniques include a 4-step process:

1. You assume a comfortable state in which you can relax.

a. Eliminate distractions such as turning off your phone.

b. Close your eyes and take a deep breath.

c. As you exhale feel your body relaxing.

2. Imagine you are in a peaceful natural setting relaxing under a tree.

a. Continue breathing slowly and naturally.

b. Take some time to let all the concerns of the day fade away.

3. Next, create positive images of the outcome you desire.

a. See the end result you wish to attain.

b. Imagine yourself having the outcome you want.

4. Recall positive feelings related to what you want.

a. How will you feel when you have attained what you want?

b. Think of a word or phrase to describe the wonderful feelings.

5. Use positive affirmations to strengthen the positive beliefs, images, and feelings of what you want to experience.

a. Be sure your affirmations are in the present tense.

b. Be sure your affirmations are personal and specific, for example:

1. I smile easily with a feeling of confidence

2. People are aware that I like them.

3. I deserve the best life has to offer.

4. I feel secure and confident.

5. I have good luck.

6. I glow with inner happiness.

7. I like myself.

8. I radiate inner confidence.

9. I believe in myself.

10. I do good things for myself because I deserve them.

When You Can Expect Results

Remember it has taken you decades for your life to become the way it is through any number of self-defeating self-sabotage patterns, so you need to be patient with yourself as you apply the visualization techniques. Sometimes results can start in several days, but most people find that it is not unusual for it to take a few months. Everyone is unique. The more you practice creative visualization, the better you will get at it. The process does work for everyone who is persistent in applying all the steps.

Also be aware that not everyone sees vivid images and they are not necessary for the creative visualizations to work. Many people are more conceptual than visual and the process still works because it is your intentions and desire are the driving force behind the success of your visualization exercises.

There is more information on this subject in the article: Visualization: The Key to Achieving What You Want in Life

The Power of Inner Vision (listed below) is an audio program that explains much more on this subject and leads you through a series of visualization exercises.

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