There are so many ways abundance can come into our lives.  When you think of abundance what do you think of? Do you think of what is missing from your life?  Or do you think of abundance in terms of what you own?  This would include the obvious such as income and bank accounts, but it also includes such things as free time, good health, fulfilling work and hobbies, vacation time, skills and talents…but what about your inner space? 

Your inner space includes happiness, fulfillment, love, contentment, satisfaction, security, a sense of purpose, and your spiritual life and emotional states.  The question is how do you attain all the inner and out abundance you want?  There are three factors affecting the manifestation of abundance.

Manifestation takes (1) commitment, (2) a harmonious alignment with your beliefs, and (3) taking the actions necessary to attain what you want. 

What you are passionate for is what you get.   If you want what aligns with your inner beliefs and you have passion for it, you will attain it fast.  If either your passion or commitment is low then it will take longer to manifest what you want.

Assuming you have passion for attracting abundance in your life, the question you should then ask yourself is if what you are wanting is in alignment with your inner beliefs.  For instance if you don’t feel deserving at a deep level, or you believe that attaining what you want is nearly impossible, you will find yourself facing some strong challenges.  Your answers and insights into your inner beliefs will  tell you the direction your inner works need to go.

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