Anything deeply meaningful and fulfilling usually takes considerable time and dedication. For instance most people who excel in any field spend many years in training and practice, whether it is art, music, science, sports, creativity, or the professions like law and medicine.  Some experts say it takes 10,000 or more hours of participation to excel in any field, so don’t be surprised if you are not at the level of someone who has been practicing for a long time.

Know in advance that persistence is your key to success.  Being relaxed and acceptant for what is, is the fertile soil from which your growth will emerge.  As you set your foot on a lifelong spiritual path of discovery, be patient with yourself in the process and see the long term.  Mastery is worth the inconvenience necessary to attain it.

Finding a teacher who can give you guidance along the way can significantly shorten your learning curve and accelerate you on your journey.  You would be well served to find someone to give you guidance and help.  Maybe you can figure many things out yourself, but it is a very rare person who does, and why try to reinvent the wheel when there are those who are already experts who offer their help?

Once you have the breakthroughs you will realize that the deepest truths are actually quite simple.  This does not mean that they are easy to attain, but once you have the breakthroughs everything in your life does become much easier and this includes meditation and spiritual awakening.  The attainment of underlying truth has an ease and simplicity to it because truth is your intrinsic nature.  The core truth of you is already everything that you attain to, so you are not striving to attain something you are not.  The process is not like learning brain surgery.  It is self-discovery.  It is the discovery of the deepest truths of who and what you are, and as that unfolds a simplicity and understanding of it all reveals itself naturally.

One of the frustrations with acquiring a skill is comparing yourself with others who have already mastered it.  Those who are masters at what they do make their process seem smooth and easy, but it may have taken them many years to perfect their mastery.  In the area of meditation and the spiritual journey there are many stories of some who have attained paranormal or even super-human capabilities and you can find yourself comparing yourself with legends and myths.  There is no value to you of making such comparisons.  Everyone is on a journey and some are further along the path than others but all are heading to the same place and you will surely arrive also.  Pace yourself with patience and recognize your journey is lifelong.  Each stage of your journey is wonderful and valuable so fully participate and love yourself all along the way.  If you would like me to help you on your spiritual journey please let me know.

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