Some forms of meditation are quite easy if your goal is to merely attain stress relief or a peacefully relaxed state. I have a wonderful meditation for beginners course for this. But if you are seeking deeper levels of awareness, spiritual awakening and enlightenment, you will find it requires deep dedication over a long period of time.  The states and realizations that I am talking about can be your experience, but they may well take many months or years to unfold.  If you fall into judgment about your meditative attainments and think you are not very good at it, and perhaps never will be, you will defeat yourself from the very attainments you seek.  When you read or hear about the wonderful spiritual experiences that others are having, you can easily think those people are gifted or there is something wrong with you.  This can be quite frustrating and may cause you to think about giving up the process.  First of all, know that everyone goes through a learning curve when they begin something new and it is no different with daily meditation.

First of all, realize where these thoughts and feelings come from.  Ask yourself who is it that is experiencing this disappointment and frustration.  This may seem like a strange question to ask yourself, but this form of inquiry begins to reveal clarity on who and what you are, and who and what you aren’t because the answer to that question will lead you to one of only two possible answers.  All experiences either emanate from your Higher Self or from the ego-personality and one of its identities.  If your experience is wonderful, loving, peaceful and filled with light then it is your Higher Self or Soul which has opened your awareness. Any negative reactions, self-doubts, judgments, or emotions have their origins with the ego. 

Acknowledge the source, relax, surrender and release any frustration or disappointment you feel about your meditation experiences, for they will only keep the very states you wish to attain at a distance.  Rest one of your hands over the upper center of your chest and tune into the peacefulness in your chest.  Imagine a soft radiant glowing light presence emerging there and merging with anything you are feeling and thinking about your meditation practice.  Repeat a word or phrase that helps you connect with your peaceful inner presence.  Some people use a name of God or a saint, and others use a word like “one” or “love.” You can also use an affirmation or mantra.  I have often used the phrase, “I feel love deeply in my heart.”  Repeat your word or phrases numerous times for several minutes until you feel you have made an inner shift.  One of the traits of that inner shift will have is a deepening of your relaxed state physically, mentally and emotionally.  Fill yourself with light by holding the intent and prayerfully holding the request and space for it to merge into any judgments or reactions.  You will find your disappointments will melt and dissolve.  Be aware that this can take some time, but the more you practice this the easier it will become.

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