Recent Trip to Visit My Sons
Jonathan Parker

Recently Jackie and I returned from a trip to south Florida to visit my two sons, Jonathan and Bryon. Even though they moved there several years ago, this was the first time we’ve been to visit them, and so it was great to see where they live and work.

There is something wonderful about seeing your children happy, surrounded by good people and inspired by their work.

I have two sons, Jonathan who is 42 and Bryon who is 40. It was Bryon’s 40th birthday and he had no idea we were coming to celebrate with him until the evening he and his wife picked us up at the airport.

Besides being able to spend quality time with both of my sons, this was the first time I was able to witness their phenomenal business operation.

Over the last few years, they have built a thriving high quality Superfood e-commerce store called “Z Natural Foods.” Both boys have always been interested in health, fitness & body-building, so it was a natural progression for them.

Walking through their busy office and warehouse was sort of a walk down memory lane.

It took me back to the early years when we had infomercials running on 300 television stations all across the U.S. and we were running 3 shifts to keep up with all the orders.

They import their super-foods in large quantities so they are able offer amazingly low prices, and as a result their business has grown from just a very small operation to now having 25+ employees in 10 years.

Both of my sons are such warm and generous men who are enabling people to find many healthy products at a very affordable price.

I’m so proud of them!!

…so I invite you to check out their super-foods and super prices!


Also, when you visit their website you will be given a discount just because you’re a part of our dedicated community.

Just type jonathanparker in the coupon code box at checkout, and you’ll be given another 10% discount Z

P.S. Their products are FRESH and shipping is FAST. I hope you enjoy!

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