When we think about healing we usually immediately think of illness and diseases, but healing applies to our emotions and our failure patterns as well. These are precisely the kinds of issues that spiritual healing and energy healing address. Energy healing relates to clearing and balancing the biofield that surrounds and interpenetrates our bodies. Spiritual healing is calling on our inner healing connections and alignment with our spiritual nature and divine presence.

We have all accumulated wounds, habits, and patterns which we carry with us that affect the subtle energy field around us, and since they are “subtle” and not immediately obvious, we wonder why undesired things manifest in our lives—when there is really no mystery once you understand how it works.

For many, the idea that we create our own reality can be a scary thought because we usually can’t figure out how we created the situations and conditions we find ourselves in. This concept seems reasonable when things are going great for us, but when they aren’t it can seem like we are getting hit from out of nowhere.

Key Secrets to How Energetic Healing Works

Physicists tell us that everything is a form of energy, and that important piece of information is what enables us to tap into energy healing techniques. If you bring the subtle energies of the body back into balance by shifting the energy or removing an imbalanced energy, the body will usually heal itself.

For instance, almost every problem you will encounter is based on some form of fear. Fear creates a field of disturbance in a person’s energy field. Fear can present itself in various forms like anger, low self-esteem, blame, worry, resentment, self-judgment, etc. The energy of fear can locate itself in an organ and gradually cause it to malfunction. As you eliminate the fear, the person’s natural lifeforce energy can bring the person back into a healthy state.

In order for a healing of any type to be completely successful, it is essential that the underlying causes are cleared from all levels. If you don’t heal an issue through all levels you don’t really fully heal it. You may avert symptoms, but if the energetic patterns are not cleared, the pattern will find some way of resurfacing or re-manifesting in the future. For this reason some people have been working on the same issues for 10, 20, or even 30 years, and some others can go almost endlessly from one challenge or illness to another. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Wouldn’t You Like to Know About Your Aura & Energy Field?

Etheric Field

(1/2”- 1” out from the skin) Some illnesses have factors in the etheric body. This is the blueprint or matrix of the physical body. It is usually gray and if it is indented the person feels depleted and lacks vitality. In some cases it can have voids as a result of disease or injuries.

Emotional Field

(2”- 4”) Most illness and diseases have factors in the emotional energy layer of the aura. Core wounds and energy patterns have a lot of emotional charge with feelings such as unresolved fear, anger and guilt. When these patterns are activated they trigger emotional reactions which only serve to strengthen and perpetuate the problems.

Mental Field

(4”-10”) Some illnesses have factors in the mental body. Sub-personalities form in this layer that limit full expression of the true self. In addition, strong judgments and fixed opinions can block subtle energy and can predispose malfunctions.

Spiritual Field

(10” and beyond) Some illnesses have factors in the spiritual layer. Your soul purpose and expression are found in this layer. Spiritual healing can be related to clearing unresolved karmic issues. When similar circumstances come up several times without seeming causes, it may be karmic in origin. That simply means that energies were set in motion perhaps somewhere in the long forgotten past that are coming back around and manifesting. Be sure to see my free video: How to Free Yourself from Karma on my YouTube channel. Please leave a comment too!

How to Do an Effective Energy Healing on Yourself or Others

Subtle energy works across all levels in every aspect of life. The question is, do you have complete healing or a temporary alleviation of symptoms. If you re-establish lifeforce energy flow and clear what was creating the problem, you can have a successful energetic healing. The body then may kick in with its own innate intelligence and heal the condition. But if you lack self-permission, then even though you re-established the flow, the blockage can be re-created.

How do you do energy healing which is deep and lasting? There are only three words you need to remember. They are identified with the acronym F.I.R. which stands for: Find, Identify, Release.

First. You must be aware of the blockage. You have to find it. How do you find it? Look for it and feel it. Your body talks to you all the time, doesn’t it? Use pain or the problems in your body as the launching point. If you were to close your eyes and tune into your body and locate a discomfort, that would be where you start.

Secondly. You then identify how it seems to you. You might have impressions of how it looks such as its shape, color, size, and location.

Ask yourself or your client questions and listen, but don’t get caught in the story.
a. “What memories, feelings, qualities, beliefs, pictures and characteristics do you associate with the disturbance?”
b “If that pain could speak, what would it say?”
c. “What else do I need to know about this?”

Finding the blockage or disturbance brings it to the surface. For instance, in the case of resenting someone, you have to go to the deepest core and get in touch with the fear, lust, pain, anger, and any other components. You may find hatred for another person, then a layer of hatred for yourself, and then deeper inside just the quality of hatred itself.

Thirdly, is the release and spiritual healing. When the issue is embraced with the presence of love and light, this energy pattern disappears, and the blockages it caused all disappear as well. Fill the area, the feelings, and the descriptions with love and healing light. Request an outpouring of healing light and energy from all divine sources including God, the angels, and the soul. Hold the idea or image of perfection. When you release the patterns and bring in light the healthy energy flow to the organs and systems will open up.

If open to the healing while aligning with the highest intentions of bringing in the purity of spiritual healing, it will come through as pure white light and love, and in this state there is only the universality of divine love, and you will be a step closer to your own enlightenment.

The Heart of the Matter is the Key

The heart center is the home of your soul and when your consciousness is centered there you feel at peace and fulfilled. For instance, a person may have a difficulty with their liver and you may be drawn to do spiritual energy healing work on the liver, but upon going deeper you discover that there is really a core pain held in the heart-center over feeling unloved or abandoned by a parent, and the person is now holding anger in his or her heart and liver. The liver may be where the symptom manifest but not be the cause.

In this case, the heart is the key. When you heal what is held in the heart the other areas heal as well.  This is because you connect with the highest enlightened aspect of the soul and establish full spiritual alignment through the heart center and you bring that awareness to the core of the resistance.

It’s OK to work on healing where the symptom is directly, but you also need to heal the core cause which may not be present where the symptom is discovered. Healing the core is about a shift in consciousness and returning to the pure nature of the soul and the deep love that is there. The love and light of God and the soul can wash, clear, and fill all the places that cry for love and healing.

Aura healing, chakra healing, energy body healing, etheric healing, healing touch, and mental & emotional body healing are all useful but going to the heart and core brings the deepest transformations.

There are a number of ways to approach energy healing and spiritual healing.

My Color Therapy & Healing program has 12 guided energy healing sessions and a great deal of information on a variety of healing methods.

If you’d like to really address some of your deep issues the Chakra Healing program has 12 guided meditations that help you address their core.

Since nearly all the issues we deal with as adults have their roots in our childhood, the program Heal Your Childhood is one that everyone should experience. The program is really about healing as an adult by addressing issues that have been with you since childhood.

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