Strong self-confidence develops at a young age by having a strong support network of loving parents, family, and friends who encourage the child to keep working to succeed even when they fall short. That forms the foundation of how to improve self esteem and confidence

It is very important for parents to be on the watch for their children’s faltering self esteem and know how to increase self-confidence. Parents can do a great deal when they know how to build self-confidence in children because this will give them a much better chance of successfully dealing with relationships and career challenges.  

Here is the Downward Spiral that Often Happens…

Children with low self-esteem will often not want to try new things. 

They may develop a pattern of “catastrophizing” which means defining situations as worse than they actually are. 

This can lead to seeing challenges as so overwhelming that they don’t believe they can overcome them. 

Then, because they question their own abilities, they may either give up easily or becoming perfectionistic. When they fall short of perfection they feel even more inadequate and unworthy.  

At this point they may call themselves “incompetent,” “stupid,” or “dumb,” and this can lead to a bad habit of not caring about learning critical skills that will be needed to handle life’s challenges as they get older.

The Critical Teen Years

As children get older having a strong positive self-image is even more important. Teenagers who have strong self-confidence are less likely to be influenced by peer pressure to fit in with the most popular crowds.  

It’s been shown, that a teenager with a strong sense of self-confidence works harder towards succeeding because that teenager believes they can accomplish what they want to achieve. 

A teenager with a high level of self-confidence can more easily bounce back from setbacks and disappointments. This is due to the fact that they realize that just because they didn’t succeed at accomplishing something, this doesn’t mean that they will keep failing at future goals. Instead, that teenager will likely learn something from the failure and use that to help them work toward achieving their goals at the next opportunity.  

Here is How You Can Help Your Child Improve Self Esteem

When your child doesn’t succeed at accomplishing a goal, it is better to appreciate the effort that he or she put into it rather than setting up expectations that you expect them to succeed at that goal in the future.  

For instance, if your son or daughter didn’t make the athletic team for the upcoming season, you don’t want to say, “Well, you’ll work even harder next year and make it.” That will just set up more pressure to make it next year, and if they don’t make the team again, then the emotional pain and damage to their self esteem would be even worse than it is now. Instead, it would be far better to say, “Even though you didn’t make the team, I’m proud of your effort.”  

A strong self-confidence means that you believe strongly in your ability to succeed, even when you falter at first. This is particularly important for children. Those with healthy self esteem will usually not denigrate themselves when facing a difficulty, but will try to figure out solutions. If they cannot do so, then they will have no trouble asking for help to learn the proper solution to their challenges.

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