We have had a number of people asking Jonathan to resume his extraordinary program of live classes on energy healing and spiritual enlightenment. The program combines the best of his workshops, classes, vand meditation retreats while teaching the skills to release limiting blocks, beliefs, and emotions and deepen enlightened states of awareness. 

The key that makes this program unique is that we help you develop higher perceptions to find the unconscious patterns that defy access through conventional practices.

You can find out many more details by visiting the detailed class page on this website.

These classes are not for everyone. They are for the serious students who are seeking a deeper understanding of how life works, and who want to significantly accelerate their own spiiritual evolution as well as facilitate helping others. 

Each class takes you progressively deeper into the teachings and realizations so you can grow and expand spiritually, while you learn how to help others.

Through the classes you will give and receive personal clearing and healings every day, and experience beautiful meditations to put you in expanded and loving energy states. You will learn heart-centered love as the basis for all you experience in these classes. Our goal is to help you refine your spiritual life to the highest possible levels, connect you with your divine nature, and expand your ability to help others.


I am asking you to please:

1. Take a look at the course description and brochure on the website 

2. Let me know if you are considering attending, definitely attending or would like to attend a future event by filling out this quick one question survey.

What you will experience at the classes is beyond anything you will ever find in books or recorded programs. You have to experience them in person. Read the testimonials from others below to discover just how profound this program is.

Please don’t miss this golden opportunity! You will be amazed at the changes in yourself and the changes you help facilitate in others, including your family and friends. And, if you so desire, you can even make spiritual healing and counseling a full-time or part- time career. Again, please click here to let me know if you are considering attending, definitely want to attend, or would like to attend a future class.


“I only wish I had a gigantic microphone that could reach every human being on earth, and yell out loud to people, “Hey, you just don’t know what you missed–and you will never know unless you experience it yourself!” Truly, the class had an indescribable and magical quality to it–one that would be a challenge for anyone to try to put in words. My undying gratitude goes to you, Jonathan, for helping so many of us through these workshops.” – S.B., Washington, D.C.

“I have been in the Health & Healing field for 26 years and have studied numerous techniques with many Master Teachers. I honestly came to the first class expecting not to learn much of anything new. To my surprise I was awakened to a different realm. After every one of the classes, a major shift occurs both externally and internally. A reality switch seems to be turned on and my awareness of myself and the world around me is never the same. I honor Jonathan for this work that he shares with love to all that are blessed to meet him. I sincerely honor, respect and feel deeply grateful to know him and have him in my life. I thank him for changing my life. – Dr. A. Helena, Florida

“I would not have missed your class for the world. The transformations in mind and body as a result of the thorough mental clearing processes are dramatic. The way you lead us through the many guided meditations is unmatched by any other teacher I have come across.” – Dr. Andre P., M.D., Australia

“The positive shifts are phenomenal. I am so grateful I was able to attend. I have spent my life searching. Thank you for the changes you assist us with that make our lives the joyful dance life should be.” – Barb K., Iowa

“I reach where I only dreamed of before. I perceive, have knowingness and prayerfulness never felt until those days. What is now proved was once only imagined. It was special, wonderful, unforgettable. I bask in the love and joy I found.” – Dorothy M., AL

Until Next Time… From the Heart,

Jonathan Parker
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