A long, long time ago nearly all people, with very few and rare exceptions, made choices that led to living in separation from their underlying spiritual nature. This  isolation gradually led to feelings of loneliness, abandonment, and fear. To cope with this the ego nature, which is the personality coping mechanism that arose out of the separation, drove people to seek safety and security through accumulating possessions, ideas, power and control. The ego drives people to do this by continually wanting more and more of what people think will lead to fulfillment, but which only yields temporary satisfaction. This in turn leads relentlessly to more searching for what will bring happiness and a sense of completion. This is much like a person groping in the dark, and this describes the human condition.

Adam & Eve and The Separation

The history of the ego and separation is presented in the Garden of Eden story. Adam and Eve’s considering the apple and wondering what it would be like to try it shows separation from unity consciousness through myth. In the story, why did God command Adam and Even not to eat the apple? Because the apple was from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and God said, “In the day that you eat thereof you shall surely die” (Genesis 2: 17).

As long as they lived with God, there was unity consciousness, which excluded good and evil. These terms were given birth with the separation. The moment Adam and Eve wondered what there was to explore, learn, and experience in separation and they took that bite, the unitive state vanished and separation and isolation began. They cut themselves off from oneness and were expelled from the state of unity. Separation precludes unity so they couldn’t return to the Garden of Eden. As a person makes the decision to separate from the unitive state it is like being inside the Garden of Eden and saying, “I wonder what it is like outside in individualized separation?” Before the thought is completed, the person finds they are in the isolation of separation.

Once the separation starts, a force pulls the soul into an enveloping, vast void that encompasses everything that could be imagined as hell. Hell is what life is when a being is totally cut off, isolated and separate from the state of oneness. In that moment fear is born. Prior to that moment, there was no fear. Next, souls find themselves suspended in the void of separation, incapable of freeing themselves from it and not knowing what to do next.

Every negative thought and feeling a human being has ever had was birthed out of this void. In fact, all suffering emerged from the separation. The divine irony is that God and the light are everywhere, yet the ego banishes itself into a voluntary isolation. Actually, the divine light is even in the void as well, but the ego thinks it does not exist there. That is like closing one’s eyes and saying it is dark everywhere when all that is necessary is to open the eyes to see the light. The problem lies in the fact that in deep separation beings don’t know how to open their eyes.

Finding Freedom from the Ego

When you only know the realm of the ego, you are subject to the physics of that reality, but it is quite possible to find that it is not as large or as formidable as it appeared. When you rise out of it you see how it is constructed from a limited view of reality and as you begin shifting yourself out of it you find the light everywhere.

The difficulty with escaping the ego’s grip is that there is a strong clinging to anything that seems to give support or security. People will cling to their perception of reality like a drowning person clings to a board floating in the ocean. They cling to it for dear life and are afraid to let go and reach for the lifeguard on the boat who can save them. The lifeguard can’t pull the person and the board into the boat. The board must be released first. When people are willing to admit they are living clinging to fear and feeling cut off and are willing to surrender and let go of those perceptions, only then they can be helped.

People are driven to keep doing, trying, striving, seeking, building, learning, accomplishing, acquiring, controlling, possessing, and owning, but never achieving lasting fulfillment or completion. They often possess a frenzied feeling that if they keep going, somehow, someday, they will attain total fulfillment, ultimate safety, and full completion, but this will never occur in the ego universe. This running and seeking is the ego’s trap. The ego believes the answers lie just over the next hill, so people immerse themselves in business, hobbies, relationships, or other pursuits, they think will fulfill them. All the while not realizing they have turned their backs their own soul, which would give them the fulfillment, completion, and happiness they seek.

The answer is so simple and yet so overlooked. Our spiritual truth and nature has been with us all the time and to discover it we need only turn our attention to it with the intention of reconnection. As the soul emerges more and more it automatically dissolves the ego defenses that arose from the separation and it gives a person a completely new and different way of experiencing life. The soul solution is what brings completion and lasting fulfillment along with all the beautiful qualities and virtues that are the nature of the soul. To learn more on how to do this read my book titled The Soul Solution, and experience the soul for yourself in my recorded program titled Soul Solution Journeys.

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