With the state of the World economy and the US economy there is a lot of nervousness and anxiety and understandably so.  The early evolution of our brains designed us for a fight or flight response when we are placed in a stressful situation.  So it is natural to have anxiety in such situations, but that doesn’t mean we need to succumb to those fear feelings, for there are ways to shift out of those states and live in a more peaceful place.

The driving force of the anxiety is fear of lack.  The position of being in a state of lack is the point of view of the personal self…or what we usually call the ego or the ego-personality… The personality sees things outside of itself.  It approaches situations from the point of view that it doesn’t have, and therefore lacks, so it does what it can to acquire, and it has some tools to do that, but it starts with the basic premise of not having.  The point of view of the soul, on the other hand, is to see things not as separate from itself but as an aspect of itself. 

Much of our experience centers around the perception that we do not have enough…there is something missing…but what is it in us that holds that perception?  Where does it come from?  Certainly not the soul, for the soul knows and experiences oneness with all there is, and there is no lack there. So our experience of not having enough or being in a state of lack must come from some aspect of our consciousness that is not connected with all there is, and we call that the ego.

So if that is a position you live with then you will find yourself seeking to fill the areas of lack and there are several tools the ego uses to do that.

Lack can be expressed in so many ways…from not having enough in the bank, to not having enough love, to not having enough talent, to not having enough education, and it can lead to a sense of being immobilized….no movement…not know what to do next.

Our Birth Choices

In reality, everyone in our lives is just playing the role of being a mirror for us to reflect back to us what our consciousness believes we need. 

The ego never believes there is enough.  It is always seeking more.  So acknowledge the part of you that holds onto any sense that there is not enough — not enough of whatever is perceived to be in lack…. And that could include love, opportunities, money, time, friends, talents, or just about anything else.  Even though you might know that is not the right way to be thinking, a part of you holds onto it, you need to first acknowledge it and bring your attention to it in order to release it.  See my blog entry on denial for more on that.

We want to be big enough to own the space we have given to scarcity and lack.  Connecting with the sensation of how you feel and experience lack is the beginning of releasing and healing it.  Once you acknowledge the sense of lack in how it feels within you, then you can bring the presence of the soul and true self with healing to it.  What you can feel you can heal.  Put a hand over the upper center of your chest and hold the intention of connecting with your heart and soul.  You will begin to feel a soothing sensation in a minute or so.  Once you feel that comfort ask your soul or True Self to merge into the feelings of lack.  The intelligence and presence of the comforting and healing soul will dissolve the lack and replace it with completion and empowerment.   For more on this use my soul merge programs volumes 1 & 2.

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