Much of the spiritual teachings you find in books, workshops and through teachers focus on transcending the human condition. You find very little significant information mentioned about how to connect with you soul and utilize its profound resources to create the life you want. This has seemed peculiar to me since you would think it might be a pretty important subject for everyone to understand, yet I have never run across anyone who could give a reasonably detailed and specific discussion on the human soul, how to connect with it, and tap its valuable resources. I’ve searched books and the internet for information on the soul and found very little about it except questions, speculation, and intellectual and philosophical discussions.

I know that many people mention the soul, and most religions talk about us having a soul, and the need to save our soul, but if you were to try to pin anyone down on specific information about the soul you would look long and hard and find very little. In fact, I don’t think many people think about their soul very much. It seems to be something distant and unimportant, unless you are reading a book or watching a horror movie about what can happen if you sell your soul to the Devil. That myth only reflects how little the soul is understood.

Haven’t you wondered about the state of your soul? What it looks like? Where it is? What it does? Why, if it is yours you can’t seem to find it?

Perhaps a big part of the problem is that the soul is not physical and therefore it cannot be measured with physical senses or instruments. That means it is mostly relegated to the area of religion which puts us at the mercy of what religious teachers tell us, but then again, they don’t tell us very much.

I did some reading in the Catholic encyclopedia and I found it says surprisingly little about the soul and what it does have to say is written sounds like conjecture by a person who seems to have little direct knowledge of the soul.

There was a point a number of years ago when I had to admit to myself that I too really didn’t know what the soul is. Just admitting that was somewhat stunning to me. Think about it. Many people believe they have a soul, and it is talked about in a context as if everyone is in agreement that we know what the soul is, but if you were to ask any of the billions of people on this planet anything about the soul, and nearly all of them will give you a blank stare if you ask them anything about the soul.

Type “Soul” into a search engine on the internet, and you will find more about soul music, than the human soul.

How I Discovered The Soul

So most of what I’m going to tell you is what I have found from spending years in deep meditation getting to know my soul and the souls of quite a few others as I have done more than 30,000 individual private attunement sessions with people (mostly over the phone, but also many in person) in which I help them connect with their soul. What I will be telling you represents my contact with and direct communication with souls that has come from refining an ability to connect with the finer dimensions of reality. So what I will be relating to you doesn’t come from books or articles on the subject.

I think you will find this information fascinating as well as very helpful in understanding yourself and where you are headed on your spiritual journey. I’m going to answer many of the questions there are about the soul from my direct experiences with it.

Soul Qualities

One of the things I have sometimes done with people in sessions is to go back in time, back to their creation, and the experience can be very profound because it can help you discover your true core essence. With almost everyone I found there are common traits associated with this experience. Some of the qualities nearly all souls have are incredible and unspeakable levels of purity and innocence.  There is an openness, a gentleness, a softness, a genuineness, a goodness and what could be compared to an angelic-like presence of sweetness and beauty. And everyone’s soul glows with all of that. When you are in the presence of the soul it is an all-engulfing beauty that sustains and inner joyfulness and euphoria.

In the process of going back to a soul’s creation I  have found that there was a point when the ego-personality didn’t exist and then a point when it did as an outgrowth of separation. The Garden of Eden is one metaphor that describes this.

There is sort of a passage way or line of demarcation, or a veil of separation where on one side you are in the ego universe of separation and on the other side you are in the oneness and light, which is the pre-ego state. Everyone has purity and innocence in the pre-ego state. And everyone I have seen so far is unique and different from everyone else in terms of the way their qualities are expressed. Naturally, there are similarities but each person is also unique.

The soul has an ever expanding capability to open to, embrace and evolve into something more than what it currently is. And what can it evolve into? All souls naturally tend to move toward more goodness, more love, more expansion, more caring, more fun, more compassion, and more capacity to give and share everything it is. The soul’s evolution is a very slow process that can span millennia.

At whatever stage of evolution a soul is it already has all of the wonderful qualities I have already listed and more. In addition to what I’ve just said I also find that all souls have many other qualities such as joyfulness, openness, quietness, peacefulness, happiness, awareness, purity, innocence, a sense of completion, satisfaction, and oneness with all.

The soul is also boundless, fulfilled, satisfied, creative, generous, thoughtful of the needs of others, optimistic, eternal, free, light, timeless, flowing, soft, playful, harmonious, non-attached yet deeply loving and caring, totally in integrity, gentle, grateful, receptive, radiant, warm-hearted, and something like curious or having desire to expand into more of all it is.

So when I discovered all this about the soul, you can see why I thought that merging with the soul might be a good idea and that is why I created soul merge programs to help with this process, and this is where the value of being connected with your soul comes in. By accessing your soul you have a resource that can help you clear all your issues and blocks and move you into a level of life few have know that is characterized by all the qualities of the soul…most notably, peace, love and happiness.

Why People Don’t Experience Their Soul More

Most of the time most people are focused on their current emotional state, and are trying to get to another emotional state. The soul already has the state we would want, so by hooking up with the soul you will bring everything you could want into your everyday experience. In a way, everyone is already hooked up to their soul, and you can know and feel that when you are attracted to whatever is beautiful, profound, creative, loving, peaceful and fulfilling whether through  people, activities or nature.

You also see the soul reflected in the relentless pursuit of perfection you find in scientists, musicians, surfers, artists, athletes, the world’s great literature and poetry and in all others who seek to attain to a higher potential. So the soul is there in human life, it is just not always recognized, and no one seems to know how to connect with it or what to do with it.

Everything in the universe is in a state of motion—everything is evolving into some state other than where it is at the present moment. Whether you look at the microcosm or the macrocosm. You got to where you are now through this process and you will continue unfolding, expanding, and discovering continuous levels of experience forever.

As you merge more deeply with the soul, more of the soul’s qualities emerge in your life.  The challenges come from facing challenges and the choices we make in response to them.  Do we merge more deeply into the soul and fill each circumstance with the love that is there, or do we give further life to some reaction of separation?

As you discover more of the soul, you find an emerging empowerment that carries a dignity, integrity, and virtuousness.

If we make decisions to cultivate and integrate the deepening soul realizations, then we evolve our relationship with our emotions, and our philosophical views of life, as well as our psychological dispositions and our spiritual states. It is that comprehensive!

And the soul is not an escape into blissful transcendence. It is a recognition that we are evolving beings, and a part of that evolution is the awareness that we are transcendent beings, connected with, and an aspect of the divine intelligence that gave birth to us because it wanted to experience us..  So we are here experiencing our souls to greater or lesser degrees. And we can all experience our souls more.

If this all sounds overwhelming it isn’t because the soul itself is guiding the process of your evolution, and it’s resources extend beyond all that you learned and forgot in school, church, temple or synagogue. The soul is your greatest resource. It brings oneness, wholeness and completeness in all fields and areas, and has access to anything you are ready to accept and allow yourself to receive.

Once you understand that your life at this moment is part of a much larger continuum than the few decades you will inhabit this body, you open yourself to the high calling and noble journey of cooperatively joining with your soul in its evolution.

You can know all of this and more by saying yes with your will, and opening to feeling with your heart, and awakening your mind to what consciousness is and what the soul is that is expressing through you at every moment.

Anyone can learn to connect with their soul if they put some time into the practice. This is something you can do in your own meditations but just be aware that it gets easier with practice and you will get better at it with meditative practice, so don’t be discouraged if you are not successful in the beginning of doing this. I wasn’t very effective in the beginning either. You start by getting in a good quiet state of meditation where you feel internally connected with your inner being.

I have also written an entire book on the subject called The Soul Solution that has many more meditations and explanations, and you will also be able to download some of the meditations from the book by entering the code you will find in the book. There is also an entire section on my website dedicated to the soul and all the resources I have to help you on your soul journey.

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