Throughout history people have sought supernatural or spiritual powers. You have only to think of the popularity of hero books and movies to see how seeking to rise above the ordinary it is engrained in us. Many have wondered about the mythological stores of wizards, mystics, sorcerers, saints, and masters. Often these stories are enhanced with elements of realism as eye witnesses claim to have witnessed some spectacular events.

In the far East spiritual powers are called siddha powers, but they are not sought as goals within themselves. Spiritual powers emerge naturally as a result of a life dedicated to unfolding one’s deep spiritual nature and connecting with the divine.

While on your life journey you may find yourself pulled toward attaining certain abilities you’ve only read about, seen in movies, and possibly dreamed about. This may initially seem like a worthwhile endeavor, but it can turn out to be a deteriorating detour.

I am reminded of the story of a spiritual seeker who spent decades trying to learn to levitate and upon achieving a measure of success proudly announced to his teacher he could now levitate across the river. The teacher replied, “You have wasted your time, for you could have easily used a boat for the same purpose.”

What Spiritual Powers Are There?

Telepathy is one such spiritual power that a person may seek to obtain. Telepathy is the ability to read the minds of others and transmit thoughts and images. It may also be possible to sense the emotions, thoughts, feelings, and beliefs of others. When used in a healing environment this skill can be a helpful quality to have, but it is not one which is necessary for spiritual advancement.

Levitation, super strength, telekinesis, teleportation, and invisibility are other common spiritual powers people have heard of and therefore seek. The question of whether or not these abilities even exist is not what we should focus on, nor should we concentrate on answering that question by attempting to master those powers. If they do exist, they must be extremely rare as one never encounters anyone who has mastered them. They are better left in the movies and books. Instead, we should ask ourselves why we seek these powers in the first place, and do they really advance us closer to our goals of spiritual development and unfolding.

Would any of these spiritual powers genuinely help you on your spiritual path? If they are so important to you, what does it reveal to you about who you are? And who’s to say that if you succeed in developing such abilities or mystical powers what the unintended consequences there may be that take you into dangerous uncharted waters.

Rather than attempting to move objects with just your thoughts it would be better to spend time removing internal mental, emotional, and spiritual blocks that keep you from meaningful goals and being in touch with who you really are.

If we take a step back, we can see that these spiritual powers aren’t really all that spiritual. All of them are centered on affecting the physical world rather than enhancing one’s spiritual state, which is what is much more important to be focused on. If spiritual changes happen they will reverberate out to your physical being and the people around you, accept them with gratitude. If not, seek to work through what you do not yet fully understand. Perhaps it is not the right time to understand the “why,” so you should instead focus on the knowledge that you do have. There are some issues for which we will never resolve the reasons why, so it is best to surrender the need to know why.

What Should We Seek?

The boulders you seek to tumble with telekinesis are much like the mental and spiritual boulders that need to be shoved aside. Rather than levitating your bodies you should raise your spiritual frequencies and vibrations through music, positive energy, meditation, spiritual practices, and anything else that makes you happy. Instead of voyeuristically attempting to listen to someone else’s thoughts, it would be better to concentrate on your own motivations, ideas, and beliefs.

Turning inward to improve yourself through meditation and spiritual practices on your personal spiritual journey is in an effort to discover your true self or spiritual essence. In the process you may come to feel closer to something bigger than yourself which you may regard as a spiritual presence which can bring with it an inspiring and uplifting state. You will find that the world is painted differently, things that once faded into the background suddenly sharpen into focus, and you can perceive things in a brand new way.

Truth and spiritual awakening has its own subtle resonance that you can sense. There is a sense of stillness and of being grounded and centered which is much more satisfying than supernatural or any other spiritual power you may seek to obtain. Power does not always equal force just as reality is not always perceived with our physical senses.

For more on the spiritual enlightened state see my article on the “Stages of Enlightenment“.

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