How to Receive Spiritual Guidance

You may have seen people on TV or elsewhere who say they are able to communicate with spirits or people who have died. Others who are psychic seem to be able to attune themselves to receive answers to questions about themselves and others, and some are able to receive helpful information about the future. Perhaps you have noticed how they seem to be tuning in to something that no one else can see or hear. In this article you will learn how to attune to reliable inner guidance yourself as well as what some of the most common sources of inner voices are and how to discern what you are receiving.

In addition to receiving psychic and intuitive impressions, the skill of inner listening is and important part of your spiritual practice. A major part of your spiritual path is to listen to the inner guidance that comes from your higher self and divine source.  Sometimes (in the Bible) this inner guidance is referred to as “a still small voice.”  The nature of attuning to the subtleties of the inner voices requires practice to discern the voice you want to hear from the other voices that chatter in your mind.  The biggest obstacle is hearing extraneous messages or more than one voice. This can create confusion and cause you to give up the process and end up confused.

Here’s 5 Steps on How to Start Receiving

The clearest messages come out of stillness, rather than through analytical thought, so it is important to quiet your mind as much as possible first.

1. Close your eyes, and

2. Put the palm of one of your hands over the upper center of your chest. This helps bring your attention to your spiritual center and helps you tune into your higher self or soul.

3. Take several slow deep breaths and relax your mind. There is nothing else that you need to do or think about while you are tuning in, so it is safe to let other thoughts go for a little while.

This part of the process may take several minutes but it is quite important to let go of anything your mind has been occupied with through the day or you will find those thoughts contaminating the guidance you are seeking.

The Secret to Receiving Spiritual Guidance is in Carefully Wording Your Questions

4. Once you have settled in to a meditative state then ask a question. You may find it helpful to ask questions that can be answered “yes” or “no” at first. After doing this for a week or two, move on to simple questions such as choices of what to do in any particular situation—such as what to eat, what to purchase, or where to go.

At the beginning of your day resolve to trust your inner guidance for the decisions and choices you will make that day. You undoubtedly have multiple decisions that must be made every day, so utilize your intuition to guide you. Such questions as,

  • Which shirt should I choose to wear today?
  • What choices should I make today for lunch?
  • What foods would be best for me today?
  • Should I have a sandwich or soup?
  • Which phone call should I make first?
  • What type of car should I buy?
  • Does this serve my highest purpose?
  • Should I go to bed at 9 o’clock or 10 o’clock?

Make the choices you feel prompted to make. If you are unclear on your guidance keep asking questions that will give you deeper insights into the choices to make. The more clear and specific your questions, the more clear and specific will be the answers you will receive.

Wait for the answers to arise out of the quietness rather than paying attention to a cascade of rambling or conflicting thoughts. If you receive more than one response ask which one can you trust the most. The more you practice this with lesser items of importance, the greater will be your trust and confidence when faced with more important choices and decisions.

Once you are practiced and comfortable with receiving and trusting guidance on these lesser important issues, you will find you are also able to receive insights and direction on more important issues. You will become more sensitive to the inner promptings of your higher guidance and your life will begin to flow with greater ease.

Do not underestimate the importance of staying with practicing these simple questions for several weeks. If you immediately jump into asking more complex questions without successfully mastering discerning answers to the more simple questions you will end up frustrated and will probably quit. I have been teaching this subject to many people for over 30 years and I know what works and what doesn’t. Be aware that this is a skill like learning a new language or a musical instrument and you must practice to become good at it. Some experts say it takes 10,000 hours or more to excel in any field, so be patient with the process and you will be richly rewarded.

How to Go to the Next Level

5. When you have practiced getting good inner guidance on simple questions for several weeks, then you can move to questions whose answers will give you more information.

For instance, you may desire to be shown the next important understanding that will take you to the next breakthrough or to your next level of spiritual growth. You may have questions about business or relationships. You may ask, “What would be helpful for me to know at this time?” Additional questions that can help open you to deeper insights into spiritual realizations are, “Who am I?  What am I?”

An effective technique to make this process easier is to ask your questions as if you sitting across from an all-wise being who has all the answers.  If you were talking with a trusted friend you would calmly ask a question and then be quiet and wait for the answer. Listen, observe and be open with the intention of receiving a response. This inner listening is what opens your receptivity to spiritual insights.

How to Go Deeper into Guidance

If there is a question you are wanting clarity on or more information on, make all of the other preparations for meditation. Be in a place where you will be undisturbed and relax and quiet your mind. Continue breathing in a calm, connected and relaxed manner.  Be in a place of openness and willingness to receive. Hold no judgments on anything you receive, nor judgments on yourself if you don’t receive a great deal in this particular session.

Ask your question and patiently wait effortlessly attentive and relaxed. Be positively expectant but not having expectations. Your answers may come in a flash insight, or in the form of feelings or the arising of new awareness. It is very important not to react to what you are receiving, nor to invalidate yourself by questioning or doubting yourself regarding the information you do receive. This will only squelch your ability to receive clear messages. In time this will be easy for you to do at any time, anywhere, but in the beginning it is important to follow these procedures to be successful.

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