How to Clear Examples of Your Core Beliefs

It’s natural for you to want your spiritual path to be fun and inspiring, and, of course, sometimes it is. However, at other times you also have struggles, anger, anxiety, and futility.

Just when you were hoping you had a handle on your life, some troublesome situation raises its ugly head and triggers you!

No doubt, you figured out that meditation can help, but you also found it isn’t enough. That is because you have deeply embedded core programs thwarting your best efforts.

Why Your Meditation Practice is Limited

Meditation is important, of course. You probably wouldn’t advance very fast spiritually without it. The problem lies in what most people think of as meditation.

If your meditation style of choice is to repeat a mantra, empty your mind, transcend, or bliss out, your practical results will be limited.


Unless you utilize your meditation time to discover the core causes of why your life is what it is, you are mostly using meditation as a diversion or stress reducing procedure.

Most meditation practices want you to be passive and disconnect, but that is similar to denial. It may divert your mind temporarily, but as you reconnect with your life, you may be back where you started.

The forces running your life are subtle-energy programs in your subconscious mind, aura, and chakras. That is why most people are unaware of them and never find them or resolve their issues.

It is not difficult to identify them and remove them but it does require dedication to approaches other than traditional meditation.

In a nutshell that is why meditation isn’t your ideal way of removing limiting core causes.

What Are Examples of Your Core Beliefs?

You may sometimes experience anxiety, depression, worry, sabotage, anger, revenge, betrayal, fear, guilt, etc., but they are not the core of your struggles.

The core is much deeper. That is why I call them core issues.

In order to understand what the core is you must understand what the negative ego is.

Every human being has struggles that emanate from their ego. The ego is a part of your personality that started forming shortly after you were born, and it has continued as a searching and defensive mechanism ever since. It is what causes you to have anger, conflicts, confusion, struggles, fear, discouragement, lack, and unresolved problems.

At the core of the ego is a deep-seated fear of its destruction and that is at the core of all the other negative reactions you are familiar with.

Your ego wants to survive, but all the tools it uses to do that are fear-based. This has caused everyone to carry wounds from their childhood.

Christian teachings refer to a “core wound” everyone is born with. Some call it “human nature” and some call it “original sin.” This is an acknowledgement there are deep-rooted core wounds everyone has.

Examples of your core beliefs are what cause you to have symptoms such as generational guilt, self-rejection, betrayal, low self-esteem, worry, anxiety, and hatred issues that have passed on to you from your ancestors.

More Examples of Your Core Beliefs and Wounds

A core wound is not an everyday garden-variety upset that pops up spontaneously – it is the mother of all wounds and the ruler of your own underworld.

Usually you are completely unaware of what your core wounds are and it is quite common to disbelieve their existence. For example, I’ve had hundreds of people say to me, But I’m a spiritual person: I’ve dedicated so many years to self-improvement!

I don’t doubt that, but if you’re continuing to suffer, struggle, or experience lack in any area, then chances are that you haven’t succeeded with the deep work of taking a “jackhammer” to your subtle-energy core causes and digging them out.

If you have even one of the following, you are still carrying some core issues. These are examples of your core beliefs underlying your core wounds:

  • I am not worthy of being loved by a healthy evolved person.
  • I still deserve more punishment for being bad in the past.
  • I am irredeemably flawed.
  • I make a lot of stupid mistakes.
  • I am a loser.
  • I don’t deserve good things.
  • I am a failure.
  • I am weak.
  • I am not enough.
  • I am boring.
  • I am unstable.
  • I can’t be fixed.
  • I often hurt people.
  • I have little hope.
  • I feel invisible.
  • I feel like I am a mistake.
  • I am helpless.
  • I am ugly.

This list only displays a sample of the many possible beliefs that could exist within you. They all stem from your ego that has 3 main core causes of these beliefs: Fear of being destroyed, feeling deep abandonment, and feeling helpless and hopeless.

It is really important that you explore these examples of your core beliefs because they are ego programs within you that are the invisible driving forces creating your life the way it is.

Your core programming utilizes your lifeforce energy to sustain them and as a result, you’ll feel depleted and fatigued much of the time. Once you clear them, you’ll be more energized. Below is a list of core wounds and their accompanying examples of your core beliefs

These 12 wounds are rooted in the core of your ego:

  1. You enter relationships hoping to fill what seems lacking in you.
  2. You have thoughts like, “I am not enough,” “I have something missing,” “I am unlovable,” “I am powerless.”
  3. You often feel emptiness inside and have feelings of abandonment.
  4. You have a need to excel or you think you are not enough.
  5. You often have anxiety and/or depression. This comes from feeling out of control or not enough.
  6. You seem to sabotage your relationships and/or businesses. 
  7. You feel victimized by people and life itself.
  8. You feel there is something deeply wrong with you or something is missing.
  9. You exaggerate about yourself and color your stories to appear more evolved.
  10. You sometimes feel disconnected and often lonely.
  11. You are self-critical. You might even berate yourself for making mistakes, doing stupid things, or failing.
  12. You feel like you don’t know where you belong, and you can never quite fit in. You see this as some sort of curse.

You need to explore your wounds in detail and use subtle-energy methods to clear them. Yes, they can be eliminated permanently because they are just subtle-energy programs.

You need to stop avoiding the truth about yourself, and develop the courage to face your wounds and erroneous perceptions.

More In-Depth Help

Want to learn more about examples of your core beliefs and wounds? My Discover Your Core Issues program will help you identify your ego wounds.

How to Change Your Core Beliefs

The core of what causes your life to have obstacles, struggles, and pain lies in deep-seated erroneous beliefs held unconsciously. Your subconscious is convicted in these beliefs and therefore directs your life to follow the course dictated by them.

The “kicker” is that you don’t even remember how you got those insane beliefs, but there they are now attracting and creating what you don’t want.

For example, if when you were a child you had a parent who even implied that you were a troublesome child who didn’t have what it takes to be successful in relationships, career, or life itself, then that became a program forming your self-image. You may or may not remember the parent saying or implying any of that; most people don’t.

If the parent made you suspicious of people or led you to think the world is unsafe, how do you think that would have formed your outlook as an adult?

These Core Programs Can be Eliminated

Core programming requires inner work to discover and clear. Here are 7 steps you can use to succeed:

1. You only clear what you identify so this is the place to start. Go through the list above and select one issue to explore. You may have more than one, so start with the one that seems most at the surface.

Bring to mind some memories about it.

2. Acknowledge how it has hurt your life. When you are in touch with the pain caused by core beliefs, you will have more motivation to clear them.

It is best if you do this in a relaxed state so you can reflect on the damage the belief program has caused. Asking questions is a good way to discover details about the belief. For instance, “What is my first memory of feeling this way? How has it affected my life? What do I believe about myself as a result of this?”

The more questions you ask the more clarity you’ll have on the core. The more details you have on the core, the more completely you’ll be able to clear it.

3. On a scale of 1 to 10, how strongly has this impacted my life?

To help you with this you can imagine a meter in your mind that goes from 0 to 100% with a red pointer on it. Then when you ask the question, you’ll get a number that relates to the relative degree of influence that issue is. If the meter suggestion doesn’t work easily for you just ask the question and pay attention to the first number that pops into your mind.

What is often surprising is that often the core belief doesn’t make sense to your conscious mind. That is because it was created many years ago and is implanted in your subconscious mind. You likely don’t even remember how you acquired the belief, but there it is influencing you now.

For this reason, it’s important for you to be honest with yourself even if it seems ridiculous.

Using the same process ask yourself, “How much of this core program do I still have?” If it is anything more than zero that indicates you have some work to do to clear it.

4. Explore why you still hold it. Most core issues are stuck in unconscious areas of your mind and subtle-energy centers. The main reason they are still there is you unconsciously don’t want to let go of what is known only to enter areas that are unknown. That is why people like the status quo.

The ego-operated mind will even hold on to something painful out of fear something worse might happen.

So ask yourself, “What am I afraid will happen if I release this?” “What purpose does this core serve?” “If this belief had a voice what would it tell me?”

5. Challenge and replace the core belief. Since the issue doesn’t serve you in any positive way and you have free will, you can affirm to yourself that you are willing and ready to release and dissolve it.

One way of challenging the belief is to ask where the proof is that the belief is always true. Your mind may point to events that seem to bolster the belief, but you can then respond that isn’t always the truth.

Furthermore, you can then give your mind a reason why it is to your advantage to let it go. You can say to yourself, “This belief has caused me pain and suffering, so let’s try a new approach. I am willing to release and let go of all need for this belief in order to embrace an opposite positive belief.”

For instance, if the core belief is “I feel victimized by people,” you can create a belief that is the positive opposite: “I am loved and supported by people.” Just make sure the new belief is rational and realistic. Your subconscious mind will only accept what makes sense and is reasonable. You wouldn’t want to say, “Everyone loves me and gives me millions of dollars.” The subconscious is not likely to accept that as realistic.

At first, you may feel cognitive dissonance because this is a new and opposite belief, but repeating this process will embed the new positive belief at a deep level. At that point, the new positive belief becomes the creative force in your life.

6. Imagine how your life will be with the new belief. Will you be more fulfilled, happy, creative, and successful? Your feelings are what empower the forces of creation and attraction. You can do this as a visualization in which you incorporate the new feelings or write out a description of your new life.

7. Schedule and action plan. It would be too easy to just read these words and think they sound like good ideas, but then you never apply yourself. Plan to start today and set up a schedule.

Wrapping it All Up

As you engage in self-discovery of your core beliefs and issues, keep in mind that clearing them is a process. For most people moving through their difficulties and challenges is a lifelong endeavor. For you it can happen much quicker. Once you start to actively work on yourself, you can bypass lifetimes of struggle and pain in a matter of months.

Some core beliefs are stronger than others and will require revisiting the procedures to clear them. Sometimes you may feel like the process will go on forever, but it doesn’t. Each time you do some clearing work you will weaken and diminish the lifeforce energy tied up in the subtle-energy patterns.

Replacing examples of your core beliefs will take time, but that is the way to an awakened and enlightened life. You’ll gradually feel more empowered, creative, successful, and happy.

Your Mastery is Worth All the Inconveniences
You Need to Attain It!


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